II: acoustic root of the fourth musical note, madhyama (ma) equivalent to western musical note (Fa or F) and sound of horse

IITI: calamity, distress

IIUNGITA: indicated, signal, gesture, sign, hint, beckoning, gesticulation, wink, suggestive, allusive

IID́YA: an ancient Vedic word meaning, revered, worshipped, most desired

IIPSÁ: desire to obtain, desire, longing

IISPITA: longed, desired

IIRŚÁ: envy

IISHÁN: northeastern direction, a name of Shiva

IISHVARA: controller (of the universe), God

IISHVARA PRAŃIDHÁNA: an auto suggestion of the idea that each and every unit is an instrument in the hands of the Almighty and is a mere spark of the supreme fire, also implies implicit faith in Him irrespective of whether one lives in momentary happiness or sorrow, prosperity or adversity

IIHÁ: wish, desire, effort, exertion, activity, endeavour, attempt