I: acoustic root of third musical note gándhára (ga) equivalent to western musical note (Me or E) and sound of goat

IUNGITA: sign, signal, gesture, beckoning, gesticulation, wink, hint, suggestive, purpose, shaking

ICCHÁ: desire

ICCHÁBIIJA: seed of desire

ITASTASTATAH: here and there, hither and thither, thinly, irregularly, on all places or sides, all over, hesitation, stammering, dilly-dally, procrastination

ITI: thus, so, end

ITIHÁSA: history

ITYÁHU: as said or called

INI: this respectable person, he or she

INDU: moon, the crescent part of the moon

INDRANII LA: blue sapphire, emerald

INDRIYA: organ

INSÁNIYAT: humanity