Á: acoustic root of second musical note, rśabha (re) equivalent to western musical note (Re or D) and sound of ox or bull

Grammatically prefix indicating starting point, from, since

ÁKANDA: sun-plant

ÁKARA: source, origin, store, repertory, mine, quarry

ÁKARAŚAŃA: attraction

ÁKÁSHA: ethereal, sky, inference carrying sound wave

ÁKÁUNKŚÁ: intense will or desire

ÁKUTI: ardor, fervility, fervent prayer, eager solicitation, entreaty

ÁKULATÁ: distress, worry, ardency, fervidity, eagerness, perplexity

ÁKUL / ÁKULI: eager

ÁKROSHA: anger

ÁKHÁ: oven, hearth, fireplace

ÁGAMA: 1. most authentic or absolute words, words of the Great Preceptor, the real knowledge 2. coming, arrival, appearance, acquisition, birth, originating, source, flow, course

ÁGÁCHÁ: weeds

ÁGÁR: house, dwelling

ÁGE: earlier

ÁGE: further, ahead

ÁGHÁTA: hit, strike, blow, beat, stroke, shock, injury

ÁGHRÁŃA: to smell

ÁGHOŚA: grave sound, loud noise, proclamation, declaration, serious or stern voice

ÁUNGINÁ: arena, yard, courtyard

ÁCÁRA: conduct, behaviour

ÁCÁRYA / ÁCÁRYÁ: those who teach by their exemplary conduct

ÁCCHÁDAN: covering

ÁCHO / ÁCHE: present, exist

ÁJ: today

ÁJI: today

ÁJIIVA: occupation (physical and psychic), livelihood, pabulum

ÁŔAŚT́A: inert

ÁŔAŚT́ATÁ: inertness

ÁŔÁ: form, shape, mould, size, type, riverbank, crossbeam

ÁŔÁL: screen, cover, hiding, out of view

ÁŔI: screen, cover, hiding, out of view, envy, malice, rivalry, grudge

ÁŃAVA: atomic, subtlest

ÁTAUNKA: terror

ÁTAPA: sunshine, sunlight

ÁTURA: sick, afflicted, distressed, indigent, pauper, ardent, anxious, intent, impatient, yearning

ÁTMAN / ÁTMÁ: soul, unit Consciousness, pure cognition, omni telepathic faculty

ÁTMAJINÁNA: self-knowledge

ÁTMA PRATYAY: self-recognition

ÁTMA SHLÁGHÁ: self-praise, self-commendation

ÁDAR: respect, heavy

ÁDARSHA: exemplary, ideology, illustrative, mirror

ÁDRITA: revered, respected

ÁDI: start, beginning, initial

ÁDIKÁRAŃA: initial cause, causal matrix


ÁDESHA: order, commandment, instruction, approval, direction

ÁDHAMARÁ: half dead

ÁDHÁN: placing, depositing, installation, infusion, instillation, charge, putting on, receiving or taking

ÁDHÁRA: base, body, container, receptacle, vessel, case

ÁDHIBHAOTIKA: metaphysical

ÁDHIDAEVIKA: meta-psychic

ÁDHEK: halt

ÁDHEYA: worthy of placement, adoration

ÁNTARIKATÁ: candour, sincerity, heartiness, cordiality

ÁNDHÁR: darkness, shade

ÁNANA: face

ÁNANDA: bliss, Divine bliss

ÁNAMANÁ: unmindful, absent-minded, abstracted, unconcerned, listless

ÁNÁ: coming

ÁNÁ GONÁ: coming and going

ÁNKHI: eye

ÁNKHI TULE DHARO: Please look at me, Please lift your eyes

ÁNKHI PÁTE: eye lids

ÁNTARIK: internal

ÁNDOLITA: stirred, oscillated, vibrated

ÁNDHÁR, dark

ÁPAN: own

ÁPANI: self

ÁPÁT KAT́HOR: initially appearing as hard

ÁPEKŚIKA: relative

ÁPTA: revelation, absolute truth, preoccupied, extremely self-seeking

ÁPTA - VÁKYA: revelation

ÁPLUTA: flooded, bathed, inundated, drenched, overwhelmed

ÁBAH: carrying, conducting, producing

ÁBÁR: again, once more, this time

ÁBOL TÁBOL: incoherent talk, nonsense, delirium, nonsense rhymes, meaningless words

ÁBRAHMASTAMBA: from blade of grass to the cosmos

ÁBHARAŃA: ornament, adornment

ÁBHÁ: glow, shine, lustre, glaze, beam, flash, tinge, effulgence

ÁBHÁSA: twilight concept or feeling, that undergoes reflection or refraction due to circumstances, faint or indistinct presence or feeling, shadow, hint, glow, gesture, signal, tint, smack, murky, obscure, dark, filmy, dim, gloomy, clouded, dreary, shaded, dusky, opp. NIRÁBHÁSA: (1) that undergoes no reflection or refraction and (2) that Great, Who cannot be visualised within worldly finite entities

ÁBHOGA: pabulum or objectivity of mind, an object of enjoyment, occupation (psychic)

ÁMRÁ: we

ÁMÁR: my, mine


ÁMEJ: subtle presence or slight trace, a touch, after image or taste, after effect

ÁYA: income

ÁYATO: wide, extensive, expanded

ÁYUDHA: weapon

ÁYOJANA: arrangement, preparation, collections of things needed for the purpose, readiness

ÁRATI / ÁRATRIKA: waving of lamp as welcome greeting or gesture

ÁRAŚT́A: benumbed, inert

ÁRŚT́ATÁ: dullness, inertial idleness or laziness, numbness

ÁRTI: affliction

ÁRDRA: moist, soft, damp, wet, fresh, tender, melted, watered

ÁRÁDHANÁ: worship, forgetting oneself in abhidhyána

ÁLGOCHE: not touching, detached, avoiding direct contact, aloof

ÁLAGÁ / ÁLGÁ: lax, unbound, untied, unfastened, open, unbolted, loose, bare, uncontrolled, unfixed, 

ÁLAYA: home

ÁLAMBANA: shelter, support

ÁLASYA: lethargy

ÁLÁPA: conversation, talk, confession, discussion, chat, singing or playing or sounding a tune

ÁLIMPANA: decorating or painting of the surface

ÁLUTHÁLU: (of hair) unkempt, disheveled, tousled, (of dress etc.) lacking in trimness, blowsy, disorderly

ÁLOŔAŃA: churning, vibration, stir

ÁLO / ÁLOR: light, glitter, express, publish, open out

ÁLOKA: light, glitter, express, publish, open out

ÁLOKITA: illuminated, lighted, opened, brought into light

ÁLOŔITA: stirred, churned, excited, agitated, pondered

ÁLOKAMAYA: embodiment of light

ÁLEKHYA: painting, portrait

ÁLEYÁR: mirage, delusion, illusion

ÁLTÁ: a reddish or scarlet ink or dye solution used for colouring feet

ÁLPANÁ: the welcome decoration markings on the ground

ÁVARTAN: revolution, whirling

ÁVARAŃ: cover

ÁVARI: covering, veiled

ÁVÁSA: shelter, home, residence

ÁVÁHAN: invocation, welcome

ÁVIRBHÁVA: appearance, incarnation, transcendence

ÁVILATÁ: defilement, turbidity, filthiness, foulness, impurity, ruining, tarnishing, debasement, degradation

ÁVIŚT́ATÁ: charm, influence

ÁVEGA: impulse, momentum, influence

ÁVESHA: impulse, momentum, influence, excitement, trance, possession, engrossment, rapt attention, confusion, obsession, fascination, passion, intentness, devotedness, flurry, agitation

ÁSHAYA: unserved saḿskáras or unrequited actions, receptacle, container, intention, purpose, aim, heart or character

ÁSHÁ: hope, expectation

ÁSHE: hope, expectation

ÁSHUTOŚA: the one who is pleased quickly

ÁSHVÁSAN: hope, consolation, confidence

ÁŚÁD́HA: early rainy season or month

ÁSAKTI: attraction to something limited

ÁSANA: seat, position, posture, throne


ÁSAMÁNI: azure, sky colour

ÁSAR: effect

ÁSAVA: essence, spirit

ÁSÁ: arrival, coming

ÁSIBE: will come

ÁSTARAŃA: cover, blanket

ÁSPADA: deserving, place, site, seat, room, abode, receptacle, subject, position, station, authority, dignity, business, affair, prop, support

ÁSPHÁLAN: brandishing, moving violently, bragging, boasting or vaunting

ÁSVÁDANA: to taste

ÁHATA: hurt, struck, beaten, smitten, wounded, injured, thrashed, treaded, blow, stroke

ÁHARI: collection, compilation

ÁHAVA: war, battle, fight, place for oblation, sacrifice

ÁHÁ: ah, oh, expression of joy, sorrow, sympathy etc

ÁHÁR: food

ÁHUTI: oblation

ÁHÚTA: invited, invoked

ÁHLÁDA: delight

ÁHVÁN: invocation, invitation, welcome, call