U: acoustic root of the fifth musical note, paincama, (pa) equivalent to western musical note (Sol or G) and sound of cuckoo

UGARÁN: disgorge, belch out, eruct, vomit, spewing, compulsion of giving back, resumption

UGRA: violent, cruel, rough, harsh, haughty, angry, wrathful, sever, fierce, sharp, strong, powerful, terrific, formidable, fearful, sharp, intense

UNKI: peeping, glimpse, a furtive glance

UCALA: high

UCCÁT́ANA: charmed, enamoured, enchanted, hypnotised, influenced, affected, restless, agitated

UCCÁRAŃA: pronunciation, mode of speaking, elocution, articulation, utterance

UCCHALA: vibrant, overflowing, overwhelming, pervading, thrown, disgorged, swollen, bulged out, swelled, spilling, swarming, teeming, brimming, disordered, wayward, uncontrolled, enliven. abundant, brimful, shining, moving upwards


UCCHÁS / UCCHVÁS: strong emotion or passion, such outburst, great delight, breath

UCCHÚNYÁ: activated or expressed Prakrti


UJÁL: wipe out

UJJVAL: white, bright

UJJVALATAM: whitest, brightest

UJÁŔA: exhausted, empty, desolate, depopulated, barren, devastate

UJÁNA: upstream flow or course

UT́HÁNÁMÁ: rise and fall, up and down, fluctuation, act of ascending and descending, elevation and depression, undulation, promotion and demotion, boom and slump

UT́HECHE: rising

UTALÁ: excited, anxious, worried, impatient, restless

UTKANT́HÁ: eagerness, inquisitiveness, curiosity

UTKARŃA: attentive ears, eager to listen

UTKRAMAŃA: crossing

UTKRAMI: crossing

UTKRÁNTA: raised, ascended


UTTARA: reply, answer, north direction, after, subsequent

UTTARAŃA: descend

UTTARIIYA: scarf, modesty scarf, stole

UTTÁPA: burning, heat, great heat, excitement, intense passion

UTTÁLA: high, agitated, billowy, frantic, tremendous, extreme, sever

UTTIIRŃA: surpass, crossed, successful, pass over, surmount

UTTHÁNA: rise, progress

UTPÁTA: disturbance, nuisance, irritation, trouble

UTPATTI: origin, birth

UTROL: restless

UTVRTTI: passion

UTSA: origin, source

UTSANNA: perished, destroyed, ruined, utterly depraved, gone to the bad, gone to the dogs, evicted

UTSARGA: ritual offering, sacrifice, dedication

UTSARGITA: relinquished, dedicated, sacrificed, offered

UTSARJITA: relinquished, dedicated, sacrificed, offered

UTSAVA: function, festival

UTSÁRAŃA: emission, removal, throwing up, deliverance, relinquish

UTSÁRA: emit, emission, removal, throwing up, deliverance

UTSÁRITA: emitted, ejected, delivered, emanated

UTSUKA: curious, eager

UTHAL: surging up, swelling up, overflowing, very high, billowy

UTHÁL: surging up, swelling up, overflowing, very high, billowy

UDAKA: water

UDAGRA: facing upwards, upturned, tall, high, elevated, arrogant, severe, strong, excellent, haughty

UDADHI: sea, ocean, pond, container of water

UDAYA: rise, rising, start

UDÁTTA: high, deep, noble, (tone or voice)

UDÁTTA KAŃT́HA: loud or high tone or voice

UDÁNA: one of internal váyus having place in throat

UDÁR: liberal, charitable, generous, open-handed

UDÁRATÁ: generosity, magnanimity, and loftiness

UDÁS: dull, gloomy, indifferent, unconcerned, callous, languid, spiritless, distracted

UDÁSII: indifferent, unconcerned, languid, spiritless, distracted, dull, gloomy

UDGÁTÁ: announcer, anchor, broadcaster, presenter

UDGÁR: ejection, spitting out, vomiting, giving out, emitting, oozing, issuing out, narrating, belching

UDGÁRITA: disgorged, expressed, ejected, emitted, eruption

UDGIITA: sung or preached in loud voice, announced, expressed, proclaiming song

UDGIIRAŃ: ejection, disgorged, uttered, eruption, eructing

UDGRIIVA: neck / head facing upwards

UDDAM: indomitable, uncontrollable, intractable, violent, impetuous, unrestrained, reckless, wayward

UDDÁM: indomitable, uncontrollable, intractable, violent, impetuous, unrestrained, reckless, wayward

UDDÁMATÁ: lack of retrain or control

UDDAND́A: indomitable, uncontrollable, intractable, violent, impetuous, unrestrained, reckless

UDDIIPTA: ignited, kindled

UDBODHAN: awakening knowledge, enlightenment

UDBUDDHA: enlightened

UDBHÁSA: manifestation, exposition, glow, shine, appearance, show, illuminate

UDBHÁSITA: illuminated, exposed, manifested

UDBHIT / UDBHID: sprouting, shooting forth, germinating, plant, spring, fountain

UDBHINNA: germinated, sprouted

UDDVEGA: movement, restlessness, worry, concern, anxiety, suspense, agitated

UDDVELA: anxious, worried, restless, harried, overwhelmed, agitated

UDDVELITA: anxious, worried, restless, harried, overwhelmed, agitated

UNAKI: theirs

UNNATA: upright, upward

UNMATTA: insane, frantic, drunk, intoxicated, puffed, elevated, wild, possessed, mad, furious

UNMATTATÁ: insanity, lunacy, violent, madness, delirious

UNMADA: frenzied, maddened, mad

UNMANA / UNMANÁ / UNMANASKA: agitated, restless, worried, absent minded, preoccupied, impatient, eager

UNMÁDA: insanity, lunacy, violent, madness, delirious

UNMÁDANÁY: frenzifully

UNMIILITA: open, open eyed, unfolded, exposed, manifested

UNMUKHA: eager, attentive, looking forward, anxious, prepared

UNMOCANA: freedom or release from bondage

UNMOCITA: untied, freed from bondage, uncovered, unveiled, set free, released, liberated, 

UPAKULA: shore, coast, bank

UPACAYA: collection, assemblage, multitude, prosperity, flourishing, improvement, nourishment, appreciation, increase

UPACÁN: production, expression, show, overflows

UPACÁR: service, attendance, honouring, worshipping, entertaining, courtesy, salutation, external ceremony, religious or ritualistic ceremony or items needed for that, medical treatment, means of homage, conduct, procedure, position, place, method, style, article

UPAŔÁN: uprooting, extirpate, eradication, pulling up, exterminate

UPADESHA: initiation, instruction, teaching, advice, prescription, specification, plea, pretext, guidance

UPADESHAKA: preceptor, initiator, guide

UPANIŚAT / UPANIŚAD: esoteric or secret and sacred doctrine, mystical knowledge or instruction, true knowledge of the Supreme Spirit, religious lore, philosophical aspects contained in vedás, vedántic philosophy, saḿskrta philosophical treatise giving an exposition of the Vedas

UPAMÁ: similarity, likeness, comparison, example, equal, simile

UPAYOGA: utility

UPARODHA: earnest request, solicitation, importunity

UPAL: stone, pebble, and gem

UPALABHDI: achievement, attainment

UPASARGA: calamity, obstacle, impediment, disturbance, trouble, morbidity

UPASTHA: genitary organ

UPAHÁR: gift, presentation, reward 


UPÁDHÁN: pillow, cushion, comfort

UPÁHÁSA: ridicule, taunt, joke, contempt, mock, jeer


UPEKŚÁ: neglect, overlook, ignore, indifference

UPTA: sown, sowed, sowing the seed

UBÁ: evaporate, vanish, disappear

UBIÁ: evaporate, vanish, disappear

UŔANÁ: a cover, wing

ULKÁ: meteor

ULLÁSA: joy, delight, gladness, exultation, exultant, joviality, jubilation, hilarity

UHA: reasoning based on a supposition or hypothesis, a specific exercise of the intellect

UHA-AVOHA: thought wave, ups and downs of feelings in life