BHA: acoustic root of the propensity of psychic stupor or losing common sense under hypnotic spell of an inimical propensity

BHACAKRA: cyclic cosmic motion

BHAKTA: devotee

BHAKTI: attraction to the Supreme, devotion to Lord


BHAGAVÁN: Universal Consciousness or Universal Soul, Paramátman, Bhúmácaetanya, Brahma, Eternal Blessedness, Citishakti, Puruśa, Jinána, Caetanya, Possessor of Supreme Powers

BHAJANA: ideation with service to the Lord

BHAINJAN: breaking, splitting, arresting, checking, frustrating, shattering, destroying, removing, dispelling, crushing, driving away, routing, vanquishing, checking, interrupting, disturbing, afflicting, paining, catastrophic, disaster, calamity, appalling, ruining, devastating

BHAYA: fear

BHAYÁL: frightening, fearful

BHAR: load

BHARAŃA: filling, stuffing, supporting, maintaining

BHARÁ: full

BHAROSÁ: confidence

BHAVA: Puruśa bháva under influence of Bhavánii shakti, the expressed universe, reactionary momenta, world, universe, created

BHAVÁNII: prakrti, shakti, energy


BHÁGYA: destiny

BHÁGYA VIDHÁTÁ: controller of destiny

BHÁUNGA / BHAGNA: broken, to break

BHÁT́Á: ebb, ebb tide, downstream, decline

BHÁTI: lustre, radiance, glow, progress and development

BHÁL: forehead

BHÁLO LÁGÁ: to be to one’s liking, to appear good to one, to taste or sound or seem well

BHÁVA: idea, thinking, affluence, thought wave, existence, purport, gist, substance, meaning, intention, sense-import, occurring, condition, manner, position, reality, sincerity, innate property, nature, feeling, idea, thought, emotion, resolution, mind, a being, meditation, conduct, gesture, ponder, wonder

BHÁVAJAD́ATÁ: dogma, irrationally held belief

BHÁVATANTRII: the string of feelings or ideation



BHÁVAVID: knower of thoughts

BHÁVA SADHANÁ: Cosmic Ideation

BHÁVANÁ: ideation, thought, introversial flow of our objective mind

BHÁVÁTIITA: beyond thought or imagination

BHÁVÁNUBHÚTI: experience of feelings

BHÁVÁRÚRHA: infused with feelings

BHÁVADHÁRA: psychic base, mental body

BHÁVOTTARAŃA: delivering or rescuing from thoughts, 

BHÁVOTTIRŃA: rescued or delivered from thoughts

BHÁVOTSÁRA: expressing of feelings

BHÁLO: good, auspicious, beneficial


BHÁLGO: look at

BHÁŚÁ: language

BHÁŚÁ VIJINÁNA: philology, the science of language

BHÁSÁ / BHESE: floating, gliding, appear, drift, swim, occur, glow, radiance, tinge, shine, waft

BHÁSVARA: luminous, radiant, bright, incandescent, effulgent

BHÁSVARATA: luminosity, radiance, brightness, incandescence

BHINNA: separated, parted, fractured, broken

BHII: also


BHIITI: fear

BHUVAN: world, arena, house

BHUVAH: a crude arena of the cosmic mind

BHUVARLOKA: crude mental world

BHÚH: physical world

BHÚTA: created object or entity, matter, past, fundamental factors

BHÚTATATTVA: created rudimental factor or entity

BHÚTALA: land, planes

BHÚDHAR: mountain

BHÚPA / BHÚPATI: King, owner of land

BHÚMÁ: Macrocosmic mind, Cosmos

BHÚMI: land

BHÚRLOKA: arena of physical world

BHÚL: error, mistake, forgetting

BHR: root verb (word) meaning to feed, to fill

BHRT: borne, supported, maintained, cherished, fostered, possessed, endowed, furnished with, full off, filled with, hired, paid

BHEDA: to part, distinguish, to pierce, to separate

BHERII: drum

BHELÁ: raft, float, boat, coracle


BHAERAVII: prakrti, shakti, energy

BHOGA: enjoyment of pain or pleasure, fruition, use, offering, 

BHOGYA: object of enjoyment

BHOR: morning, dawn, daybreak, engrossed, stupefied, fuddled

BHRAMA: falsehood, mistake, forget, avoid, delusion, error

BHRÁNTA: false, mistaken, forgot, avoided, deluded

BHRÁNTI: falsehood, mistake, forget, avoid, delusion

BHRKUT́I: eyebrow, frown, bar, prohibition, inhibition


BHRTI: fulfilment