BA: acoustic root of the propensity indifference

BAKULA: a large ever-green flower-tree, its sweet-scented flower

BAŔA / BAŔO: big, large, tall, lofty, long, loud, great, noble, senior, elder, important, rich

BAYAN: weave, knit

BARAŃA / VARAŃA: regard, respect, adore, welcome

BALA: force, pressure, energy, capability

BALÁKÁ: a kind of goose or geese capable of flying high


BASAVÁSA: residing or dwelling permanently, settling down

BAKŚA / BÚK: bust, chest, heart


BADDHA: bound

BADDHA PURUŚA: bound puruśa

BANDHAN: bondage, binding

BANDHU: due to strong bondage of love, One who can not bear separation, cannot live away, ever companion, brother, friend

BANDHURA: uneven, rugged, rough

BANDHURATÁ: unevenness, ruggedness, roughness

BAYAN: to weave, knit

BÁON: to fathom, test

BÁGŔÁ: obstacle

BÁCHÁ: choose, select, pick, sort out, separate, eliminate

BÁJÁN: strum

BÁT́Á: pulverised, pasted, distributed

BÁŔÁN: enhance, augment, develop, multiply, increase

BÁTULATÁ: madness, insanity, craziness

BÁDA: exception, omission, exemption

BÁDHÁ: obstruction, resistance, obstacle, impediments, barriers, blockage

BÁDHYA: preventable, resistible, obedient, obsequious, docile, amenable, obliged, compelled

BÁNDHA: bondage, obstruction, resistance

BÁBÁ: father, the most beloved, the Táraka Brahma or the Guru called by this name by devotees

BÁNSHII: flute

BÁREK: once, at least once, only once, but for once

BÁLIR: sand

BÁLUKÁ BELÁ: sandy shore or beach of sea

BÁSÁ: to deem or feel, home

BÁSI: wash, not fresh

BÁOA / BÁHÁ: to steer, row, paddle a boat, to pass over, to cover

BÁHIR / BÁHAR: outside


BINÁ / VINÁ: without

BIRASA: to weep

BILKUL: completely, totally, altogether

BILVA: wood apple

BISARÁNÁ: to forget

BIIJA: point, seed

BUJHÁ: understand, comprehend, deliberation, explain, console, comfort

BUJHÁBUJHI: compromise, mutual understanding, confrontation, fight

BUDDHI: intellect

BUDDHITATTVA: the field of intelligence

BUDHAE: in the mind or intellect

BULBUL: a bird of pycnonotus genus, the nightingale

BULANDII: height, greatness, magnanimity

BULÁ: roam, cursory pass of hand or brush or pen etc. lightly over something

BÚK: chest, bosom, heart

BÚK PHÁT́Á: heart breaking

BRHAT: great

BETÁL: breach of measure, out of rhythm

BENCE: survive

BEŔÁ: enclosing, surrounding, fence

BEŔAN: stroll

BEYE, blowing, flowing, wandering

BELÁ: seashore, coast, bank, time of the day, daytime, period, length, duration, roll, opportunity, full tide and ebb tide of the sea, to roll, turn, opportunity, a fragrant white flower (malliká) or its plant

BESHA: excellent, fine, nice, too much, thorough, better

BESHI / BESHII: more, excess, many, much

BAERII: envious, jealous, enemy

BOJHÁ: understand

BOJHÁN: to explain

BODHA: the experience or knowledge supported by intuition (BABA), feeling, sense


BODHENDIYA: organ of knowledge

BOBÁ: dumb, speechless, mute, inexpressible

BOLO / BALO / BOLILE: tell, speak

BRAHMA: The Supreme Entity, Composite of Cosmic Consciousness and Cosmic Operative principle, Cosmic Entity, from brhat meaning great

BRAHMACARYA: assimilation of psychic waves into of unit mind into the eternal waves of the Macrocosm, Cosmic Ideation, not celibacy, to experience His presence and authority in each and every physical and psychic objectivity, this happens when the unit mind resonates with Cosmic will

BRAHMACÁRII: a person who practises BRAHMACARYA

BRAHMA CAKRA: the Cosmic Cycle

BRISHCIK: scorpion

BRINTA: stalk or nipple of a flower

BRIIŔÁ: bashfulness, shyness, coyness

BRHAT / BRIHAT: very large, big