MA: acoustic root of the propensity of annihilation

MA: time, poison

MAKAR: crocodile, sign of Capricorns

MAKARANDA: pollen, honey or juice of flower, fragrance, nectar

MAKHA: a sacrificial rite

MAGADHA: an area in Bihár, India, inhabitants of which did not accept áryan rituals

MAUNGAL: auspicious, lucky

MAJÁ: pleasure, joy

MAJÁN: to drown, to cause to lose oneself, to be charmed, to be won over by, to be submerged in

MAJIYÁ: to be charmed, to be won over by, to be submerged in

MAJJÁ: bone marrow

MAINJARII: new leaves or buds, shoot, sprout, spring, blossom

MAINJIL: destination, palace, mansion

MAINJIŚT́Á: a plant with yellow flower, madder, red dye from its root. a loving strong attachment

MAINJIIR: anklet with small jingling bells

MAINJU: beautiful, graceful, lovely, pleasant, lovely, sweet, pleasing, attractive, agreeable

MAINJUL: beautiful, graceful, lovely, pleasant, charming, melodious

MAINJÚŚÁ: a box, chest, casket for jewels, letters etc

MAŃI: gem, precious stone, jewel

MAŃIKÁ: gem, precious jewel, its region

MAŃIKÁR: jeweler

MAŃIKOT́HÁ: room of gems

MAŃIHÁR: garland of gems

MAŃD́A: gruel, paste, pulp, starch

MAŃD́AP: a temporary hall, tent or pavilion for a ceremony

MAŃD́ALA: circular arena

MATA: opinion, similar, accordingly, deemed, regarded

MATAN: like, in style of, as example

MATTA: intoxicated, insane, drunk, overjoyed

MATHAN: churning, stirring

MATHITA: churned, stirred

MADA: vanity, pride, wine, intoxication

MADA MATTA: frenzied with pride, intoxicated, insane, drunk

MADIR: intoxicating, indolent, frenzied, sluggish, slothful, lazy, dull, slow, besotting, infatuating, enchanting

MADIRATÁ: intoxication

MADHU: sweet, honey, nectar, sweetness, delightful

MADHUKAR: honeybee

MADHUKHYA: wax, beewax

MADHU CAMPAK: sweet campak flower

MADHUP / MADHPA: honeybee

MADHUPARKA: oblation of honey or its syrup, clarified butter, milk curd and sugar mixed together

MADHUMAYA: sweetened, filled with honey

MADHUR: sweet

MADHURIMÁ: sweetness

MADHUVAN: pleasant grove, heavenly garden, sweet garden

MADHUSYANDA: sweet fragrance

MADHU MÁSA: spring

MADHUR: sweet, delightful

MADHUL / MAHUL: a big tree with whitish egg shaped flowers of which wine is made

MADHYA: middle, center

MADHYAMA: sound of deer, middle

MAN: mind, life

MANANA: exclusive contemplation on the Supreme Entity, inner suggestion, contemplation, deep thinking

MANASIJA: created within mind

MAN PAVAN: (dialect) secret inclinations and intentions, one’s mind, an imaginary oar for driving a boat as per desire

MAN BHOLÁNO: captivating, charming, attractive, infatuating, cajole, intoxicating

MAN MÁTÁNO: intoxicating, captivating, charming, attractive, infatuating, cajole

MANIIŚÁ: mind, intellect

MANUŚYA: human being

MANE: into mind

MANER: pertaining to mind

MANER MÁNUŚ: a person after one’s own heart, a favourite, a minion, a lover

MANOHAR: enchanting, charming, engrossing

MANOMAYA KOŚA: the layer of mind having the capacity of recollection and contemplation


MANOVIHÁRII: dweller of the mind

MANTRA: (no proper English equivalent), incantatation, meditation, ideation, secret, a sound or collection of sounds with meaning, when meditated upon, leads to spiritual liberation, it is incantative, pulsative and ideative

MANTRA MUGDHA: charmed, enchanted

MANTHAN: churning, stirring, agitating, trampling

MANTHAR: slow, slack, sluggish, slothful, inert

MANDA: slow, dim, gentle, bad, evil, wicked, vile, inferior, adverse, unfavourable, ill, impaired, indisposed, indigent, poor, deteriorated, harsh, rude, scanty, small, dull, weak, ugly, harm, abusive, rude, obscene, disgraceful

MANDIR: temple


MANDRA: grave sonorous voice, low, deep, grave, hollow, rumbling, middle octave, roar

MANDRITA: resonated, vibrated, swung, oscillated

MANDRIL: resonating, vibrating, swung, oscillating, rumbling, resonant with grave sonorous voice

MAMATÁ: mine-ness, love and attachment, affection, feeling of own ness

MAMATVA: mine-ness, love and attachment, affection, feeling of own ness, individuality, ownership, self-interest, selfishness

MAYUKH: ray, beam, lustre, glow

MAYUR: peacock

MAR: mortal

MARAKATA: emerald

MARAŃA: death

MARAŃAKÁT́HI: wood related to death

MARAM / MARMA: inner most, core


MARMARA: murmuring sound, rustle, rustling noise

MARMII: sympathiser

MARTYA: mortals, mortal world, the earth, the world, man, mankind, human being, the body

MARTYABHÚMI: mortal world

MARU: sand, desert

MARUT: aerial factor

MALIN: tarnished, soiled, dim, dull, gloomy, dirty, unclean, glum, sorrowful, dark, overcast, sad

MASTAK: head

MASHÁL: torch

MASI: dark, darkness, black


MAHAH: subtle layer of cosmic mind

MAHARLOKA: supramental world

MAHAT: great, stage of inculcating pure “I” feeling in Puruśa

MAHATTATTVA: stage of inculcating pure or existential “I” feeling in Puruśa

MAHADÁSHAYA: great shelter, repository

MAHADÁSHÁ: great hope

MAHÁ: great

MAHÁVARTA: great cycle of creation

MAHÁ JAGAT: the universe

MAHÁ DEVA: The Greatest God or Divinity, Lord Shiva

MAHÁ NIRVÁŃA: mokśa or complete emancipation

MAHÁNIIRADHI: great ocean

MAHÁ PURUŚA: individual attaining Brahmatva, elevated beings

MAHÁBHÁVA: great ideation

MAHÁMAHIMNA: high minded, noble minded, magnanimous, great, exalted

MAHÁ SAMBODHI: great intuition

MAHÁN: great

MAHÁPRAYÁŃ: voluntary journey to court one’s death, death

MAHÁPRÁŃA: magnanimous, large hearted, aspirate

MAHÁMÁYÁ: great illusion

MAHÁHAVA: great or tumultuous fight

MAHODADHI: great ocean

MAHÁMÁNYA: highly venerable or honourable

MAHIMÁ: exaltedness, greatness, glory, majesty, dignity, influence, charm

MAHIRUHA: a big tree

MAHUL: a big tree with whitish egg shaped flowers of which wine is made

MAHESHVARA: the Greatest Controlling God or Divinity, Lord Shiva

MÁKHAN: butter

MÁKHÁ: absorbed, smeared, soaked

MÁKHÁ MÁKHI: absorption

MÁCHRÁUNGÁ: kingfisher

MÁJH: middle, center, inside, amidst

MÁJHI: steer man, boatman, boatswain, headman

MÁT́I: mud, earth

MÁT́IR: made of mud or earth

MÁT́H: field

MÁŔÁ: tread (path), to trample or pound, thresh

MÁŃIK: gem, red ruby

MÁTAUNGÁ: elephant

MÁTÁ: overwhelmed

MÁTÁNO / MÁTIYÁ: intoxicating, enchanting, ecstasy, frenzy, charm, fascinating, captivating, rapt, spellbound, absorbed, engrossed, gripped, enthralled, immersed

MÁTÁL: intoxicated, saturated, drunk, ecstasy, frenzied

MÁTRA: that much, only

MÁTRÁ: minutest quantity, measure, beat, meter

MÁTRIKÁ: mother, matrix


MÁTHÁ: head

MÁDAKA: intoxicating

MÁDAKATÁ: intoxication

MÁDHAVA: Krśńa, essence

MÁDHAVII: candied sugar, a sweet drink made with honey, a spring creeper with fragrant flower, an evergreen creeper, the myrtle, basil

MÁDHAVII KUNJA: the myrtle bower

MÁDHURI: sweetness

MÁNAVA: human being

MÁNAVATÁ: humanity

MÁNASA: mind

MÁNASA RAJ: king of mind

MÁNASÁBJA: mental lotus

MÁNASÁTIITA: beyond mind

MÁNA: respect, dignity, honour, respect, reception, fame, dignity, pride, vanity

MÁNÁ: prohibition, forbidding

MÁNI: (I ) accept

MÁNIBO: (I ) will accept

MÁNUŚA: human beings, man

MÁYÁ: illusion, physical or material world, phenomenal nature, delusion, infatuation, fascination, affection, fantasy, phantasm, image, dream, vision, fancy, apparition, spectre, spirit, shadow, unreal, creative principle, mirage

MÁYÁVII: charmer, enchanter, magician

MÁYÁ LOKA: arena of illusion

MÁRJANA: scrubbing, brushing, polishing, forgiving, pardon, 

MÁRAVA: desert, sandy

MÁRMIK: inner most feeling of heart or mind or its core, inmost feelings

MÁRMIKATÁ: deep insight, well conversed with essence, beauty etc

MÁLAINCA: flower garden

MÁLATII: a creeper kind of jasmine flower

MÁLÁ: wreath, garland, cluster, group, necklace, rosary


MÁLIK: owner, proprietor

MÁLIKÁ: wreath, garland, cluster, group, necklace, rosary

MÁLII: florist, gardener, garland maker

MÁSHUL: tax, duty, custom, fare, freight, charge, price, cost

MICHÁ: false, lie, imaginary, fanciful

MICHE: false, lie, imaginary, fanciful

MIT́ALE: end, destroy, eliminate

MIT́ILE: end, destroy, eliminate

MITA: measured, defined, moderate

MITÁLII: friendship, boon, companionship, alliance

MITHYÁ: false, lie, imaginary, fanciful

MILAN: meeting, joining

MILÁ MISHÁ: social familiarity, intimate association or intercourse



MISHE: mixing, merging

MIŚT́I: sweet eatable

MIHIR: sun during noon

MIIN: fish


MUKUR: mirror, looking glass, speculum

MUKUL: bud, blossom

MUKULITA: bloomed, budded

MUKTA: emancipated, having attained salvation, free, liberated

MUKTA JAT́Á: free or open lock of hair / tuft

MUKTÁ: pearl

MUKTI: liberation, salvation

MUKHA: mouth, face

MUKHI: inclined, towards

MUKHYA: main, chief, most prominent, head, topmost

MUKHAR / MUKHARATÁ / MUKHARITA: reverberation, resound, noisy, eloquence

MUGDHA: charmed, spell bound, stupefied, fainted, entranced

MUCHÁ: wipe, mop, swab, efface, obliterate, expunge, clean

MUMURŚU: about to die, dying, moribund

MUMUKŚU: desirous of salvation

MUSÁFIR: traveler


MÚKA: dumb

MÚŔHA: fool

MUDITA: encouragement

MÚRCHANÁ: psychic stupor, lack of common sense, a fainting fit, syncope, swoon, trance, stupefaction, stun with astonishment, (in music: gradual modulation or rise and fall of voice, a sweet tremor of voice: inflection or tone or cadence)

MÚRCHÁ: psychic stupor, lack of common sense, a fainting fit, syncope, swoon, hypnotised

MÚRTA: embodiment

MÚLA: root, foundation, base, support

MUŚAŔÁN: to become downhearted, or depressed or discouraged

MRIGA / MRGA: deer

MRCCHILÁ: earthen rock

MRŃÁL: stalk of lotus or water lily

MRŃMAYA: earthen, mud-built, made of earth or clay

MRT: earth, clay

MRTA: dead

MRTYU: death

MRDU: soft

MRYAMÁŃ: about to die or perish or decease

ME: to exchange or barter

MEKHALÁ: ornamental girdle, belt, series or zone, which surrounds, slope of mountain

MEGHA: cloud

MEDA: flesh

MEDUR: pleasantly soft or smooth, glib, unctuous, verdant, green

MEDHÁ: memory, intellect, sacrifice

MEDHÁTITHI: wise, learned, intelligent

MERU: pole

MELÁ: fair, numerous, expanse, extensive, assemblage, assembly, togetherness

MELÁ MESHÁ / MILÁ MISHÁ: social familiarity, intimate association or intercourse

MELE: opening, spreading, unfolding

MELIÁ: opening, spreading

METECHI: intoxicated, enchanted

MESHE: mixing, merging

MO: my

MOCANA: releasing, freeing from, liberating, emancipating, unyoking, discharging, acquittance, deliverance


MORE: me

MOHA: infatuation, blind worldly attraction or attachment, sentiment, fascination, loss of sensibility or consciousness, swoon, fainting, delusion, confusion, perplexity, folly, ignorance, embarrassment, mistake, stupefaction, fascination, temptation, seduction

MOHÁVARTA: covered with fascination

MOHAN: enchanting, charming

MOKŚA: non-qualified liberation, spiritual longing, permanent salvation

MAOTA: death

MAONA: silent, quiet

MAONATÁ: silence

MAOCÁK: beehive, honeycomb

MAOMÁCHI: honeybee, bee

MAOLI: head

MLÁNA: tarnished, soiled, dim, dull, gloomy, dirty, unclean, glum, sorrowful, dark, overcast, sad