SA: acoustic root of salvation, unqualified liberation, also of sentient principle

SA: he

SAUNGAREJ: co-traveler, companion


SAḾKAT́A: dire difficulty or danger, distress, calamity

SAḾKALPA: determination, strong desire, vow

SAḾKALPÁTMAKA: internal occupation of mind leading towards the Great


SAḾKIIRŃATÁ: narrowness

SAḾKOCA: hesitation, contraction

SAḾKULA: crowded with, full of, infested with

SAḾKRÁNTI: transit

SAḾGA: together, accompanying, just, reasonable, proper

SAḾGOPAN: secret

SAḾGHA: organisation


SAḾPATTI: prosperity, wealth, riches, fortune, treasure, property, glorious acquisition

SAḾPAD: prosperity, wealth, riches, fortune, treasure, property, glorious acquisition

SAḾBAL: resource

SAḾBODHI: intuition, insight, perfect knowledge of spiritual truth, consciousness

SAḾBHAVA: possible

SAḾYAK: in all respect, entirely, wholly

SAḾYOGA: union, combination, conjunction, unification, joining

SAḾVEGA: momentum

SAḾVESHA: sleep, rest, dream, seat, copulation, 

SAḾVIT: consciousness


SAḾSÁR: world, that moves

SAḾSKÁR: mental reactive momenta, reaction in its potentiality

SAḾSKRTA: perfected, the perfected language

SAḾSTHITA: staying, located

SAKAL: entire, whole, total, everyone

SAKÁTARE: distressfully, sorrowfully, plaintively

SAKÁL: morning, dawn, hurry, haste, early, soon, quickly

SAKÁSHA: nearness, proximity, presence, company, closeness, vicinity, under shelter, under the wings or umbrella

SAKHÁ: friend, companion, allies, confidante

SAKHYA / SAKHYATÁ: close friendship or companionship, alliance


SAGUŃA: attributed, qualified, subjectivated consciousness

SAGUŃA BRAHMA: Subjectivated Transcendental Entity

SAUNKAT́A: difficulty, strait, risk, danger, peril, narrow, contracted, impervious, impassable, threat, hazard

SACIVA: secretary, minister

SAINCARA: extroversion from subtle to crude in the process of creation

SAINCARA / SAḾKRAMA: centrifugal activity of the macrocosmic nucleus, forward cyclic movement during creation

SAINCITA: collected


SAT: that which undergoes no change, unchangeable, Transcendental Entity, absolute entity, good

SATATA: always, ever, continuous, eternal

SATASAD: good and bad

SATTÁ: existence, entity

SATYA: that which undergoes no metamorphosis, the unchangeable eternal Supreme Entity, action of mind or use of words with the object of helping others in the real sense, ultimate reality

SATYALOKA: the highest arena of consciousness

SATTVA: essence, sentient

SATTVAGUŃA: aspect of prakrti influencing consciousness creating pure “I” feeling

SADAN: home

SADRSHA PARIŃÁMA: sequence of similar curvatures

SADGURU: The Perfect Master, The Great Preceptor

SADVIPRA: Those spiritual revolutionaries who work to achieve progressive changes for human elevation on a well-thought, pre-planned basis, by adhering to the principle of Yama and Niyama

SADÁ: always, ever

SANÁTANA: coming from ages, eternal, everlasting, unending, perpetual, continual, timeless, imperishable, incessant, ceaseless, non-terminating, permanent

SANE / SAUNGE: along with

SAUNGHÁTA: impulse, force, hit, blow

SANTAPTA: heated, aggrieved, afflicted

SANTAM: all pervading universal darkness

SANTARAŃA: swimming, notation, 

SANTARPAŃA: satisfying, satiating, gratifying, delighting, very cautiously, carefully, with circumspection

SANTÁPA: heat, burn, agony

SANTOŚA: contentment, accepting ungrudgingly and without a complaint the out-turn of the services rendered by one’s own physical or mental labor, happiness, satisfaction, gratification, pleasure, propitiation, contentment, happiness

SANTULITA: balanced

SANTRÁS: great fear or alarm, terror, panic, frighten

SANDHÁN: search, quest, pursuit, discovery, join, ferment, trace, detect, found, attainment, 

SANDHRITI / SAḾDHRITI: containment, fulfilment

SANDHYÁ: evening, junction point of two adjoining periods

SAPTA: seven


SAMAY: time, occasion

SAMÁDHI: merger of unit consciousness into Cosmic Consciousness

SAMOLLÁS: overwhelming joy


SAMA: equal

SAMAŚT́I: collectivity

SAMATULA: equiponderate, comparable, equal, equitable, parallel, equipotent, equivalent, impartial

SAMANVAYA: cohesion

SAMARPAŃA: surrender

SAMAVÁYA: aggregate, combination


SAMÁJ: society

SAMÁROHA: grandeur, pomp, éclat, grand assemblage, display, splendid

SAMÁHÁR: collection, aggregate, combination, combination of words, conjunction of words or sentences

SAḾKLRPTA: (vedic), saturated, drenched

SAḾTRPTI: satisfaction

SAMPADA: property, excellence, belonging, acquisition, wealth

SAMPÁT: stroke, blow, powerful touch

SAḾPÚRTI: fulfilment, completion, supplementation

SAMPE: offered

SAḾPRIKTA: saturated, inlaid, united or joined (with), related or connected (with)

SAMBAL: resource

SAMBODHI: intuition

SAMBHÁR: item, ingredient, exclusive collection or arrangement, heap

SAMMUKHA: front, face to face

SAḾYUKTA: connected, attached

SAḾYAK: completely, thoroughly, distinctly, correctly, suitably, duly, properly, together with, accurately

SAḾYATA / SANYATA: controlled, restrained

SAḾRACANA: constitution

SAḾLÁP: conversation, 

SAMVARTANA: annihilation, dissolution, cataclysm, delude

SAḾVÁD: dialogue

SAḾVIT: force of awakening, vidyámaya (positive or introversial energy), sudden awakening of consciousness

SAḾVEGA: momentum, impulse

SAḾVEDANÁ: sensitivity, compassion, sympathy, concern, kindness

SAḾVRITTI: perfect attitude of mind

SAḾVRIDDHI: thorough growth, development or increase, felicitation, tribute, 

SAḾSHLEŚAŃA: synthesis

SAḾSKÁRA: reactions in potential form, reactive momentum, potential reaction

SAḾSTHÁN: the state of being placed, or laid in an orderly manner, established

SAḾSTHITA: established

SAḾSTHITI: the state of being placed, or laid in an orderly manner, established, exists with, finally substantiated


SAḾHATA: integrated

SAMÁKULA: greatly worried or distressed, full of misgivings, replete with, full of

SAMÁCCHANNA: well covered

SAMÁJA: society

SAMÁJA CAKRA: social cycle

SAMÁDHI: transformation of mind into Atman, trance, absorption, oneness with the object, spiritual ambrosia

SAMÁNA: one of internal váyus residing in navel sphere, equal to, like, resembling

SAMÁROHA: grand assemblage, grandeur, riding, mounting, ascending

SAMÁVESHA: inclusion, entry

SAMÁHÁR: collection, combination, summation, multitude, compounding

SAMITA / SAMIDHÁ: firewood or fuel for a sacrificial fire

SAMIIKŚÁ: analysis

SAMIIR: air, wind, breeze

SAMIIRAŃ: air, wind, breeze

SAMUNDAR: sea, ocean

SAMUNNATA: erect, upright, straight


SAḾBHAVA: birth, production, creation, springing up, arising, existence, possible, cause, motive, combination, union, equivalence, acquaintance, loss, destruction

SAḾBHÁR: bringing together, collecting, preparation, provisions, requisites, necessaries, ingredient, constituents, multitudes, heap, quantities, fullness, affluence, support, 

SAYATAN: careful, meticulous, diligent, cordial


SARAŃII: road, street

SARABATÁY: sweet juice

SARAS: juicy, succulent, tasteful, delicious, sappy, tasty, pleasing, dainty, fresh, sapid, wet, moist, lovely, agreeable

SARASATÁ: succulence, juiciness, charm, freshness, loveliness, beauty, moisture, freshness

SARASIJA: lotus, water lily


SAROVAR: lake, pond, reservoir

SARJAN: creation

SARPA: snake

SARPI: ghii, clarified butter

SARPITA: creeping, gliding

SARPILA: serpentine, winding, tortuous, zigzag, meandering, spiral, spiralling

SARVA: all, whole

SARVADÁ: always, ever, all time

SARVANÁSHA: thought of sure annihilation, total destruction, utter ruin

SARVÁNYUSÚTA: transcendental

SARVASRAOTI: heard by all

SARVAHÁRÁ: total loss of all belongings, devoid of all belongings

SALÁJ: bashful, shy, blushing, coy, reserved

SALIL: water

SALITÁ: slender wick

SAVÁK: with speech

SAHAKÁR: mango tree

SAHAKÁR SHÁKHÁ: branch or twig or bough of a mango tree

SAHAN: to tolerate

SAHASÁ: suddenly

SAHASRA: thousand

SAHASRÁRA: the topmost psychic center symbolised as thousand-petal lotus

SÁ: she

SÁKÁR: to implement, to give rise a form, create, bodied, to embody, to materialise

SÁGAR: sea

SÁJ / SÁJE / SÁJIYE / SÁJÁYE: decorate, dress, attire, adornment, arrangement, beautification

SÁŔÁ: to respond, reply

SÁTHE, accompanying

SÁDÁMÁD́HÁ: simple, candid, plain, uncrooked, honest, dull

SÁDHA: desire, longing, fancy or choice, voluntary will, volition, pleasure, one’s own accord, option, ceremonial offering of food

To propitiate, to render favourable, to appease, to atone

SÁDHÁN: to make one try to improve by austerity, to cause to practice arduously or religiously, to rehearse

SÁDHANÁ: endeavour to attain aim, intuitional practice

SÁDHAKA: intuitional or spiritual practitioner

SÁDHE: of one’s own accord, willingly

SÁDHER: obtainers, achievers

SÁDHYA: within the capability, to be attained, attainability

SÁNTA: with end or limitation, finite

SÁNTAR: having space at intervals, sparse, rare, porous

SÁNTVANÁ: consolation

SÁNDRA: close, compact, dense, thick, gross, collected, strong, abundant, excessive, intense, oily, soft, smooth, pleasing, agreeable, condensed, viscous, concentrated

SÁMANE: ahead, in front

SÁMARASYE: soothing, appeasing, comforting or calming flow

SÁMÁJIKA: social

SÁMÁNYA: balanced

SÁMIPYA: proximity

SÁMYA: balanced

SÁMYABHÁK: proper brightness, well appeared

SÁYAK: arrow

SÁYAR / SÁGAR: sea, ocean

SÁR: essence, inner significance, substance, abstract, essential, spirit, vigour, worth

SÁRÁ: tired, exhausted, whole, complete, finish

SÁRÁ / SÁRE: whole, entire

SÁRÁLE: completed, finished

SÁRÁ KŚAŃ: all the time

SÁRI: row, series, a boat-song, aligned

SÁRIKÁ: female black bird


SÁRTHAKA: meaningful, fruitful, purposeful

SÁRTHAKATÁ: purposefulness

SÁL TÁMÁM year end


SÁKŚÁTKÁR: face to face

SÁKŚII: witness

SIKTA: wet, moist, moistened, absorbed, irrigated, watered, sprinkled. smeared

SINCITA: wet, moist, moistened, absorbed, irrigated, watered, sprinkled

SITA: white

SIDDHA: attained, perfected, expert, realised, accomplished, skilled, master, proven, cooked

SIDDHI: fulfilment, attainment of divine grace, accomplishment, success, self-realisation. spiritual attainment, proof

SINÁN: bath, bathe

SINIR: (aungiká) people, inhabitant, populous, bosom, chest, heart

SINDHU: sea, ocean

SINDHUR: belonging to sea, ocean

SIRIŚA: a tree producing small flower and wood

SIIMÁ: border, limit, periphery

SIIVANTII: milk-hedge plant

SU: good (laokik saḿskrta), own (sva in vaedik saḿskrta)

SUGAM: easy to learn or understand, easy to go over or traverse, easily accessible or obtainable, 

SUGHÁNA: nice smell, fragrance

SUJAN: good or virtuous man, gentleman, well conducted person, benevolent man, good soul, nearest

SUŚUPTI: inertia, staticity, slumber, sleep

SUTANU: graceful, handsome, beautiful, well-shaped


SÚTRA: thread, aphorisms, dictums, sayings in condensed form

SUDÚRE: much far

SUDHÁ: nectar

SUDHÁ KARA: moon, creator of nectar

SUDHÁRŃAVA: ocean of nectar

SUDHÁSYANDA: nectar-oozing

SUDHII: learned, erudite, wise, judicious

SUNDAR: pretty, nice, good-looking, elegant, fair, splendid, enticing, attractive, captivating, graceful, charming


SUPAT́U: highly skilled or expert

SUPTA: sleeping

SUMITA: moderate, modest, sensible, restrained, calm

SUMUKHE: in front, face to face

SUR: melody, tune

SUR SAPTAK: sestet

SURAKÁR: composer of music

SURABHI: fragrance, aroma

SURAMYA: beautiful

SURAINJANA: beautifully coloured

SUVISTIIRŃA: very vast

SUSHOBHANA: beautifully decorated

SUSHIŚTA: righteous, decent, gentle, civil, courteous, mannerly, chaste, elegant, polite, refined, well-behaved, amiable, likeable, pleasant, friendly

SUSHLIŚT́A: entertaining, pleasing, connected, joined, attached, related, embraced, containing a pun, pun-full

SUŚAMA: balanced, proportional, beautiful, pleasing, lovely

SUŚAMÁ: beauty, pleasing quality, sweet grace

SUŚUPTI: staticity, sleepiness

SUŚUM: warm

SUŚUMNÁ: the central nerve canal

SUSMITA: smiling

SUSMITÁNANE: with smiling face

SÚTIKÁ GRHA: birth room

SUHRID: friend

SÚDAN: destroyer

SÚRYA: sun

SÚRYÁḾSHU: sun rays

SÚRII: poet, wise or learned person

SÚKŚMA: subtle

SONÁ: sleeping

SRŃITO: goaded, hooked, pierced

SRŚT́A: created

SRŚT́I: creation, the universe, world

SRŚT́I CAKRA: the cycle of creation

SRŚT́I DHÁRÁ: the flow of creation

SE: he

SEKHANE: there

SETU: bridge

SETHÁ: there

SENÁ: army, soldiers

SEVÁ: service

SEVAK: server

SAEKATA: sand, sandy beach, shore

SOCANÁ: thinking, worrying

SOJÁ: straight

SOJÁ SUJI: straight and uncrooked

SONÁ: gold, sleep, valuable item

SONÁJHARÁ: gold radiating, gold spreading, gold drizzling

SONÁR: golden

SOHÁG: affection, love, caress, fondling, amorous

SAUDHA: mansion, edifice, large building

SAORA: solar

SAOMYA: calm, placid, balanced, beautiful, majestic, dignified, unruffled, impressive, noble, august


STABAKA: panegyric offering, folded pair of hands, bunch, cluster, bouquet, collection, stanza, chapter

STABDHA: standstill, motionless, stunned, stupefied, dazed, stopped, calmed, calm, stiffened

STARA: layer

STUTI / STAVA: lauding the qualities, praise, admiration, glorification, prayer, flattery, hymns


STÚPA: heap, pile, mound, low hill, collection


STOKA: false or insincere consolation or assurance or promise, a bit or a little

STHALA: land

STHAVIR: fixed, firm, steady, old, ancient

STHAVIRATÁ: immobility, staticity

STHÁŃU: stationary, immobile, static

STHÁVARA: inanimate, immobile, stationary

STHÁPANA: establishing

STHITA: situated, located

STHITAPRAJINA: established in intuition

STHITI: situation, state, location

STHIRA: motionless

STHÚLA: crude, mundane

SNAPAN: sprinkling, washing, bathing, ablution

SNIGDHA: cool, smooth, glossy, pleasant, calmed, charming, delightful

SNIGDHATÁ: coolness, smoothness, glossiness, charm, pleasing, calmness

SNEHA: cool, smooth, glossy, pleasant, calmed, charming, delightful, soft

SPANDAN: vibration, oscillation, shakings, throbbing

SPARDHÁ: audacity or courage to emulate or defy, emulation, daring to take a difficult task, daring, audacity, vaunting arrogance, rant and blustre, vaunt, challenge, competition

SPARSHA: touch, contact

SPARSHANA: to touch

SPAŚT́A: clear, evident, manifest, obvious, express, explicit, positive, plain, outspokenly, frank, categorical

SPHAT́IK: crystal

SPHIITA: swollen, bloated, inflated, expanded, augmented, flourished, puffed up

SPHURAŃA: glow, vibration, unfolding, quivering, trembling, shine, glitter, incitement, awakening, expression

SPHURTI: blooming, revelation, unfolding, manifestation, expression, utterance, merriment, hilarity, joviality, sprightliness, amusement, fun, cheerful enthusiasm or energy

SPHOT́A: bursting, explosion

SMARAŃA: recollection, remembering, memorising

SMITA: smile

SMITÁBHÁSA: smiling appearance

SMRITI: remember, memory

SYANDA: emanating, oozing, exuding, going

SROTA: stream, current, origin

SVA: self

SVA-SRIŚT́A: self-created

SVANTO: sounded, alerted

SVADHÁ: one’s own nature or determination, spontaneity, one’s own will or pleasure, oblations to deceased, máyá or worldly illusion

SVANAN: sound, ring, sonance, voice


SVABHÁVA: nature, characteristics, innate quality

SAYAMVARÁ: one who chooses one’s bridegroom herself, embrace, adopt

SVAYAMBHARÁ: self sufficient

SVAYAḾ: self

SVAYAḾBHARÁ: full of self

SVARA: sound, voice, gamut or note of musical scale, tone, tune, vowel, accent, breath

SVARALOKA: a layer of mind consisting of “I” feeling

SVARÁGHATA: blow of word, oppose, forbid, stoppage

SVARÁT́: SVARÁT́A: self pervading, grandeur

SVARÚPA: own form

SVARGA: heaven

SVARŃA: gold

SVARŃA BELÁ: golden seashore

SVASTI: benediction

SVÁTI: a constellation of stars, a particular period when the sun moves through that

SVÁDHYAYA: study of the scriptures or other books of learning and assimilating their spirit

SVÁMII / SOÁMII: husband, master, lord, employer, overload, ruler, owner, title of saints

SVÁHÁ: performing noble actions, oblations, offering

SVIIYA: own, one’s own

SVEDA: sweat, perspiration

SVEDA SIKTA: moist or wet with sweat