HA: acoustic root of spiritual knowledge, also of ethereal factor

HAŔAKÁ: sudden flood

HATAMÁN: despaired, condemned, dishonoured, humiliation

HATÁSHÁ: frustration, disappointment, pessimism or cynicism, despondence, gloominess, dejection

HADIIS: information, trace, clue, taste, glimpse, whereabouts, means, way

HAMARÁHII: co- traveler

HARI: The Lord, who steals away sins of the devotees

HARINII: female deer, 

HARŚA: happiness, joy

HARAŚA: happiness, joy

HALAKÁ: sudden hot wave

HALÁHAL: poison

HÁT́: market, fair

HÁTA: hand

HÁTA CHÁNITE: by hand signalling to call, to beckon with hand, inviting gesture, indicate

HÁNÁHÁNI: mutual fighting

HÁNÁ / HÁNILE: to strike with, to shoot, to drive

HÁRÁN: defeat, lose, vanquish, miss

HÁL: rudder, helm, steer, plough, hoop, tire, to till, condition, state, circumstances, symptom

HÁSI: smile

HÁHÁKÁR: loud lamentation or wailing, screaming

HITA: welfare, benevolence, all round development

HITAEŚAŃÁ: will of welfare or benevolence

HINDOLITA: swung, oscillated

HIMA: cold condensing vapour, ice

HIMANIDRÁ: hibernation

HIMAVÁHA: glacier

HIMÁNII: collection or mass of snow or hoarfrost

HIMOTTÁPA: cold burn

HIḾSÁ: injuring or killing

HIḾSRA: injurious, hurting, harmful, noxious, savage beast, deadly, dangerous

HIYÁ: heart


HIRAŃYAGARBHA: the liberated stage of Saguńa Brahma

HILLOLA: wave, swing, such motion

HISÁB: calculation, account, counting, reckoning, estimate, consideration, explanation

HISÁB NIKÁS: accounting, detailed reckoning, explanation, completion or finalisation of accounts

HIIRAK: diamond

HUTÁSHA: expression of dejection, worry, dismay or fright, sadness, depression

HUTÁSHAN: sacrificial fire, fire-God, fire, flaming torch

HUNKÁRA: thunder, roar

HETU: for the purpose of


HENO: like that, such

HEMA: gold

HEMANTA: post-autumn, pre-winter period

HERÁ: behold, see, watch

HELÁ: neglect, overlook, ignore, contempt, slight, disdain, ease, despise, carelessness

HELÁ / HELÁN: slanting, leaning, inclining, to cause to do so, to slant or lean or incline to, swinging sideways

HESE: smilingly

HOK: let

HOTE: from, via, through, since

HONCAT́: stumble, injury, hurt, smite

HONSH / HÚNSH: consciousness, sensibility, sensation, feeling, perception, sense

HOYETO: possibly, perhaps, probably, perchance

HAOÁ: wind, air, breeze

HUMMM: sound of arousing kulakuńd́alinii

HRTA: devoid of, deprived of, stolen

HRTI: deprivation

HRD: lake, heart


HLÁDINI: rejoicing, delighting