Prabháta Saḿgiita Bliss, by Ac. Muktatmananda Avt.

In 1982 I went to India to see the Lord as a result of a poignant visit I had in 81 which left me with an ever burning longing and restlessness.

This end of year was an incredible blissful time, and from the moment I arrived in India my heart was full of palpitations and anxiety to reach Calcutta and see Him.

There was so much going on in the spiritual world around the Lord, but it was when I reached Ananda Nagar on one day that I was exposed to the direct first hand vibrational charm of Vrajagopal. I say Vrajagopal for Baba was impersonating those sweetest of vibrations.

I was so lucky to be with a palpitating heart in front of Baba's door when a Dada who was massaging Baba opened a crack and asked me and other Dadas and a Didi if we wanted to sing Prabhat Samgiit to Baba.

I was so happy that Dada Caetanananda was there and Tatvadevananda too, for both of them new Prabhat Samgit well and I could follow them with the lyrics.

Didi Ananda Usa and Dada Shaktishvarananda were also present adjacent to me. We started singing and I sung the best I could following the refrain. The vibration became so strong and I enjoyed something so indescribably sweet.

The door of Baba's room opened and I could see Him lying in His bed and one Dada giving Baba a massage.

Baba was covered with a grey chador with flowered borders but through which one could not at first see His face.

As we went on singing the sweetness in the air only increased and I was worked up emotionally feeling Him so near.

Baba told the Dada to tell us " They sing so sweet ".

When we heard this it was as if gasoline was added to the fire of our hearts and I felt the tears rolling down my cheeks. Others were also charged and weeping while singing.

Baba started to play on His bed, rolling like a baby from one side to the other and telling Dada Vitamohananda to tell us again and again how sweet we sung, and a recurring wave of bliss slammed at us as result of that.

Baba started to peep on us from under His shawl, making faces and laughing full of blissfulness while He would repeat again and again " How sweet they sing ". 

I, seeing this, went into an emotional upsurge that I felt my heart would burst, and looking at Baba's blissful play on His bed totally absorbed by His rupa and shadba tanmatras, lost completely the sense of time and space around me, and could only recognize His Blissful form, His effulgent form.

I had never enjoyed the form of Baba's body so much as on this day. Though I was sitting at the door of His room three meters from where He laid, I felt I was dancing around Him, in total abandon.

We sung several songs, do not know how many, do not remember what they were, perhaps all of the first part, the first songs He had given up to that time and all had the same bliss.

It was so painful when we had to stop and Dada finally told us that now there was another group of margis that had requested a chance to sing to Baba and had prepared some songs for the purpose and should be given a chance.

We stood nearby as the group of ladies came in and started to sing, but it was not to Baba's satisfaction and after one single song the door was shut and that was that.

I went up to the upper hostel were I was staying and found my companions of the India journey lying down in total slumber after they had had lunch (siesta in Spanish).

I nagged them for being at sleep when so much was going on in Vrindavan, and when they heard what it was, they never slept again during the day for the rest of our stay in Ananda Nagar.

This year 1982 was such a blissful one! Baba gave Varabhaya mudra 5 times on different occasions to different groups of people in different meetings. The very dust of Ananda Nagar was blissful. Not one particle was left untouched by the Lord.