TA: acoustic root of the propensity of staticity and sleep

TAKARÁR: fight, struggle

TAKRAM: buttermilk

TAKHAN, then, at that time

TAT́A: bank, shore, beach, coast, region

TAT́ASTHA: staying at shore, disinterested, just watchful, impartial

TAT́INII: river, stream

TAŔATARIYE: rushing, restlessly

TAŔIT: lightning, electrical

TAŃD́UL: rice

TAT: that

TATA: until, up to

TATTVA: essence, fundamental factors, reality, truth, spiritual, philosophical or ontological knowledge

TATHÁPI: despite, in spite of, still

TATHYA: fact, actuality, reality, truth

TADVIDHÁY: on account of that

TADBHAVA: originating, born, descended, grown out, evolved out of that

TADÁ: then, in that case, at that time

TADÁTMA: same form

TAN: root verb (word) for expansion

TANIMÁ: delicate slimness, tenderness, slenderness, minuteness

TANU / TANA: young body

TANUKÁ: fine body

TANTU: thread, yarn, string, fibre

TANTRÁ: cult, religious order

TANTRII: string or gut of a musical instrument

TANDRÁ: drowsiness, idling, dullness, procrastination, siesta, light sleep, laziness

TANNA TANNA: crossing thorough, searching or combing all over

TANMAYA: absorbed, engaged, rapt

TANMÁTRA: microscopic fractions of carried waves through sensory organs, inference

TAPAH: effort to reach the goal despite such efforts being associated with physical discomforts

TAPAN: sun

TAPASYÁ / TAPAH: austerity, austere endeavour to achieve an end, penance, self-discipline, effort, struggle

TAPARLOKA: a subtle layer of cosmic mind

TAPTA: hot, heated

TAFÁT: difference, distance, space, otherness, aloofness, gap, separated

TABU: yet

TAMAS / TAMASÁ: darkness

TAMAH: static principle, darkness

TAMÁL: a kind of tall dark coloured tree of palm family, Palmyra

TAMISRÁ: dark night, darkness, gloomy

TAMOGUŃA: static principle

TAYOH: of these two


TARAKKII: prosperity

TARAKŚU: wolf, hyena



TARATARA: quick running of stream, various kinds or sorts

TARÁS / TRÁSA: fear, panic, terror, alarm, fright, fear, dread


TARII: boat, ship, craft

TARU: tree, plant

TARUŃA: young, fresh, new, juvenile, adolescent, tender

TARE: for, on account of, because of, for the sake of

TARKA: debate, argument, reasoning, logic, discussion, dispute, controversy, doubt

TARKÁTIITA: beyond reasoning

TARJANA: angry roar, shout, reprimand, scolding, blustreing, bullying, threat, bragging, outburst

TALA: underneath, bottom, base, foot, root, bottom, bed, plane

TALÁN: to sink, drown, go to bottom, absorbed, engrossed, digested, judge, realise, understand

TALIYE DEKHÁ: to see or judge thoroughly, 

TAVA: yours

TASTHU: stationary, immovable, stable, established

TASMIN: in that

TASYA: of it

TAKŚAK: poisonous snake, venomous winged snake, venomous chameleon, carpenter, joiner

TÁI: hence

TÁI / TÁHÁI: his

TÁKANÁ: to see, watch, gaze

TÁGIDA: remind, demand, need

TÁJ: crown

TÁJÁ: fresh, new, alive, living, lively, spirited

TÁŔÁN: to chase away

TÁŃD́AVA: a vigorous dance for males formulated by Lord Shiva, cosmic dance, frantic or frenzied annihilating dance

TÁTTVIK: versed in philosophy or spiritual knowledge

TÁN: keynote of a song, musical note, stain, melody, tune

TÁNÁ NA NÁ: prefatory airs of music (sarcas)

TÁNTRIKA: a practitioner of tantra

TÁPA: heat, burn, anger, sorrow, grief, affliction, suffering

TÁPAS: practicing ascetic or spiritual austerities, hermit, ascetic

TÁPITA: heated

TÁPII: heated, hot, afflicted, sorrow- stricken, mortified, remorseful, heat producing

TÁMARAS: lotus, copper, gold, red lotus


TÁR: his, yours, string or wire of lyre or a musical instrument, taste

TÁR PAR after that

TÁRE: his, string or wire of lyre or a musical instrument

TÁR PAR: after that, thereafter, then

TÁRAKA: liberator, saviour

TÁRAKA BRAHMA: a concept of Tantra, Mahásambhúti, bridge between Nirguńa and Saguńa Brahma, one who rescues or saves, saviour

TÁRAKÁ: star, pupil of eye, star mark

TÁRAŃA: rescuer, deliverer, saviour, ferryman

TÁRÁ: star, pupil of eye

TÁRUŃYE: young

TÁRTAMYA: disparity, discrimination, comparison, difference

TÁL: 1. cadence, rhythm, beats, measures, span, meter, tempo, pace, pulse, stroke, 2. fanpalm or Palmyra, 3. pond, push, impact, pressure, keeping composure, lump, amass, confusion, clapping

TÁL KÁT́Á: to fail to maintain musical time or measure

TÁLAVYA: palatal

TÁHÁ / TÁ: that

TÁHÁI / TÁI: his

TÁHÁR / TÁHÁDER: his, her, its, yours

TIKTA: bitter like neem, one of six tastes

TIKTATÁ: bitterness

TITIKŚÁ: forbearance, patience, forgiveness, persistence, endurance, continued existence, perseverance, determination, firmness, resolve

TITHI: date, lunar day

TIMIR: darkness, gloom

TIRYAK: oblique, zigzag, mazy, squint, slanting, inclined

TIL: sesame

TILAK: mark on the forehead

TILOTTAMÁ: a mythological beauty, a paragon of beauty

TILE: within moment

TIIRA: bank, shore

TIIRATHA: a place supposed to be pious, pilgrim place

TIIRATHERA: a place supposed to be pious

TIIRATHA PATI: presiding deity of the shine, lord of the temple or place of pilgrimage

TIIVRA: intense, strong, tremendous, sudden, severe

TUI: thou

TUNGA: high, elevated

TUCCHA: insignificant, scanty, meagre, negligible

TUMI: you


TURIIYA: state of absorption of the unit self into Pure Consciousness

TULÁ: raise, lift, rouse, wake

TULI: lifting, carrying

TUŚÁR: snow, ice, frost

TUŚIVÁRE: to please, to satisfy, gratify, appease, propitiated, contented

TUHIN: ice, snow

TÚRYA: war / alert horn, trumpet

TÚFÁN: typhoon, storm

TRŃA or TRIŃA, grass, a blade of grass, a very small, meagre entity

TRIPTA: contented, gratified, satisfied, satiated, highly pleased

TRŚŃÁ: yearning for acquisition, blind attachment, infatuation, thirst, desire, thirst

TOŔA: speed or impact of current, force

TOŔÁY: plucking, breaking, uprooting

TEMAN: like that, suchlike, similar, in that way or manner

TEJAS: luminous factor, brilliance

TEJASTATTVA: luminous factor

TEPÁNTAR: desolate and extensive field or wilderness

TAEJASA: luminous factor

TAELA: oil

TOŔA: bouquet, speed or impact of current, uprooting, breaking, tearing

TOMÁY: for you

TOMÁKE: to you

TOMÁR: to you, belonging to you

TOLÁ: raise, lift, rouse, wake

TULÁ: raise, lift, rouse, wake

TYÁJYA: negligible

TYÁGA: sacrifice, leaving, ignore, neglect

TRASTA: terror-stricken, panicked, fearful, timorous, timid

TRÁŃA: relief, salvation, liberation, rescue

TRÁSA: alarm, terror, panic, fright, fear, dread

TRÁHI: save

TRI, three

TRIKOŃA: triangle, three corners

TRIDAND́A: trident

TRIDASHA: divinity, God, heaven

TRIDIVA: heaven

TRILOKA: the universe comprising of three spheres, viz. physical, mental and spiritual

TRISHÚ’LA: trident

TRUT́I: mistakes, flaw, error


TRYASAREŃU: particle

TVAK: skin

TVAḾ: you

TVARA: fast, quick