SHA: acoustic root of the mutative principle, also of psychic longing

SHAKAT́A: vehicle, carriage, cart

SHAKAL: piece, part, portion, scale of fish

SHAKTI: energy, power, strength, Prakrti, Cosmic Operative Principle, force

SHAUNKÁ: doubt, suspicion


SHATA, hundred

SHATADRU: stream with hundreds of flows or current, river Satalej in Punjáb of North India

SHAT́HATÁ: deceit, swindling, knavery, chicanery, false play, slyness, crookedness

SHATRU: enemy

SHABDA: sound

SHAMBHU: the vertex point from which creation starts

SHAMBHU LIUNGA: the point from which creation starts

SHAYAN: sleep, bed

SHARA: arrow

SHARAT: autumn, winter

SHARAD: winter, autumn

SHARADHII: pointed intellect, quiver


SHALÁKÁ: stick


SHASHIKAR: moonlight


SHAŚPA: young grass

SHASYA: corn, grain

SHAHAD: honey

SHÁKHÁ, branch

SHÁŃITA: whetted, sharpened, piercing

SHÁNTA: peaceful, quiet, tranquil, satisfied, appeased, pacified, calm, gentle, mild, gratified, temperate

SHÁNTA DHII: tranquil mind

SHÁNTI: peace, tranquility, quietude

SHÁRAT / SHÁRAD: autumn, winter

SHÁL: a large gregarious sál tree

SHÁLPRÁNSHU: as tall as a large gregarious sál tree

SHÁLUK: stalk of water lily

SHÁLMALII: simul, silk cotton tree or flower

SHÁSHVATA: eternal, everlasting, unending, perpetual, continual, timeless, imperishable, incessant, ceaseless, non-terminating, permanent

SHÁSAN: control

SHÁSTRA: scripture, code

SHIULI / SHEFÁLII: a white fragrant autumnal flower, night jasmine

SHIKAL: shackle, chain, fetters, link


SHIKHÁ: flame, tip

SHIKHÁN: to teach, to educate

SHIKHI, peacock

SHINJITA: sound of danceŕs anklets

SHIMUL: silk-cotton flower or its tree

SHIYARE: in the head

SHIRÁ: vein, nerve, artery, tendon

SHIROPÁ: turban of honour, crown, princely garb

SHIRSHIR: expressing, tingling, thrilling, uncanny sensation, gentle touch

SHIRIŚA: a tree producing small flower and wood


SHILPANA: to work

SHILÁ: rock

SHIVA: Puruśa, Pure Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness encircled by primordial Prakrti called Shivánii, auspicious, a great tantric guru of 5000 BC

SHIVÁNII: primordial Prakrti encircling Pure Consciousness

SHISHIR: dew, frost

SHISHU: infant, child, kid, baby

SHIŚTA: righteous, decent, gentle, civil, courteous, mannerly, chaste, elegant, polite, refined, well-behaved, amiable, likeable, pleasant, friendly

SHIŚYA: pupil, disciple, devoted follower

SHIS: whistling sound, whistle, sweet short note (of a bird)

SHIHARAŃA: thrill, shiver, shudder, quiver

SHIIKAR: fine droplets of rain, mist, spray

SHIITA: winter

SHIITAL: cold, cool

SHIITALATÁ: coldness

SHIIRŃA: withered, decayed, dry, sere, thin, emaciated, shattered, rotten

SHIILA: good conduct, behaviour, manner, complex of culture

SHRUNKHALA / SHRUNKHALÁ: chain, iron-chain, fetter

SHRŃITO: to tear asunder, tear to pieces, to hurt, to injure, to kill, to destroy, to be shattered, to wither, to decay, waste away

SHRNVANTA: decaying, mortal, declining


SHUKTI: shell forming pearl, ear shell, nacre, abalone, oyster

SHUKRA: semen

SHUKRA DHÁTU: seminal fluid


SHUKLÁ: illuminated

SHUCI: pure, clean, sanctified, holy

SHUDDHA: nectar, sweet, pure

SHUDHÁN: repay, ask, inquire

SHUDHÁY: repay, ask, inquire

SHUDHU: only, exclusively

SHUBHA: auspicious

SHUBHUNKAR: doer of auspicious

SHUBHRA: white, bright

SHUBHRÁNSHU: brilliantly shining

SHÚŃYA: vacuum, zero, nothingness, vacant

SHÚDRA: those living by manual work or service

SHRNVANTA: mortal, decaying, withering, fading

SHEKHÁN: SHIKHÁN: to teach, to educate

SHEŚA: end, close, concluding, completion, ruin, death, finish, last, snake

SHEFÁLII: a white fragrant autumnal flower, its tree, night jasmine


SHAELA: mountain or mountain related

SHOKA: bereaved, mourning, grief, worry, anxiety, sorrow, distress, lamentation, wailing, deep anguish

SHODHARÁN: rectify, correct

SHOŃITA: red, blood

SHOŃO: listen

SHOŃÁTE: listen

SHONÁN: to inform, to cause to heed, sing, tell, speak, talk

SHODHANA: refinement, purification

SHOBHÁ: decoration, beautification, ornamentation

SHOBHÁINJAN: drumstick tree, morunga

SHOŚAŃA: sucking, exploitation

SHAOCA: purity both of physical and mental bodies, mental purity is attained by benevolent deeds, charity, or other dutiful acts

SHMASHÁN: cremation ground

SHYÁM: deep green, verdant, fresh, simple

SHYÁM RÁY: Lord Krśńa, 

SHYÁMALIMÁ: greenness

SHRAVAŃA: hearing, listening

SHRADDHÁ: faith, devotion, reverence, movement towards Shrat or sat, the Absolute Entity

SHRAVAŃA: listening to discourses on the Supreme Entity, hearing

SHRÁVAŃA: rainy season, the month of continuous rains

SHRÁVAŃII: pertaining to rainy season

SHRÁNTI: fatigue, tiredness

SHRII: power, control, authority, ability

SHREŚT́A: superior, best, excellent

SHREŚT́ATÁ: superiority

SHREYA: virtue, good, auspicious, benevolent, benign, favourable, lucky, promising

SHRUTI: ear, a composition learned by hearing, a musical note

SHRUTI GATA: entered into the ears

SHROTA: flow, stream

SLÁGHÁ: praise, flattery

SHLOKA: couplet, distich, verse, poem

SHLEŚA: irony, ridicule, insinuation, embrace, adhering, clinging, union, junction, contact, pun, double meaning

SLIŚT́A: clung, adhered, leaning on, double interpretation, connected, joined, attached, related, embraced, containing a pun, equivocal

SHVÁSA: breathing

SHVETÁSHVAR: mythological white horse ridden by the sun God

SHVÁPADA: frightening, ferocious, violent