PA: acoustic root of the propensity of hatred or revulsion

PAKET́: pocket

PAINCAMA: sound of cuckoo, fifth of the octave

PAT́A: cloth, canvas, scene

PAT́U: expert, skilled

PAT́UÁ: painter

PAD́A / PAŔÁ: fall, drop

PAŃ: to deal in, barter, purchase, bargain, stake, buy, transact, trade

PAŃYA: saleable, vendible, commodity, ware, article, 

PATAUNGA: insect, a flying insect

PATAN: fall, decline

PATI: master, lord, owner, possessor, proprietor, governor, ruler, president, husband

PATRA: leaf

PATRALEKHÁ: writing or painting

PATH: way, path

PATHIK, traveler

PATHIKRIT: pioneer, preparing the way

PATHER: of way or path

PADA: foot, step, pace, vestige, a line of poetry, a song or lyric, post, position

PADA VIKŚEPA: pace, step, stride

PADAKŚEP: pace, step, stride

PADMA: lotus

PAYODHI: ocean, sea

PARA: others, distant

PARAKÁL: other world, eternal world, arena after death

PARAMA: ultimate, extreme, highest, supreme

PARAMÁTMAN / PARAMÁTMÁ: consciousness in the Microcosm, microcosm and in Nucleus

PARAMÁRÁDHYA: most venerable, warranting greatest worship or devotion

PARAMÁRTHA: the greatest object or truth or reality, universal welfare

PARAMPARÁ: tradition

PARASH: touch

PARASTII: failure

PARÁ: spiritual knowledge

PARÁN: life, to put on, to wear

PARÁ BHAKTI: absolute devotion

PARÁ VIDYÁ: science of intuition, highest skill or knowledge

PARÁ SHÁNTI: absolute peace

PARÁG: pollen of flower, fragrance

PARÁTPAR: supreme, higher than the highest, greater than the greatest

PARIKRÁNTI: completion of revolution

PARICAYA: introduction, acquaintance, identity

PARICITI: introduction, acquaintance, identity

PARICCHEDA: limit, part, pause, bar, fixation

PARIŃATA: converted to, changed to, transformed to

PARIŃÁMA: resultant, transformation, conclusion

PARITOŚA: thorough satisfaction or gratification, deep pleasure, satiety to the heart́s content

PARITRÁŃA: permanent protection or relief

PARIPÁT́I: orderliness, skill, adroit, adept

PARIPÚRŃA: quite full, complete, perfect, filled up, fulfilled, replete, teeming, complemented

PARIPÚRŃATÁ: completion, perfection, fulfilment

PARIBHU: boundary, limitation

PARIMAL: fragrance, perfume, sweet scent, nectar of flowers

PARIMÁŃA: measurement, quantity

PARIVESH: environment, surrounding

PARISHODHA: sanctify, refine

PARISAR: limitations, boundary, area, extent, perimeter, width, breadth

PARISIIMA: limitations, boundary, area, extent, perimeter, width, breadth

PARIHÁRA: giving up, abandonment, avoidance, casting off, disregard, slight, neglect

PARIHÁSA: joke, jest, ridicule, mockery, derision, laugh to scorn, deride

PARII: fairy

PARUŚA: harsh, rough, rude, haughty, arrogant, cruel

PARŃA: leaf, a matured leaf

PARŃA SHÁLÁ: a leaf thatched hut

PARYÁPTA: sufficient, adequate

PARVATA: mountain

PARVA: holy-day, fiesta, chapter, node

PAL: moment, small fraction of time

PAL GUNI: counting time

PALAK: in a moment, eyelid, blink

PALÁYAN / PALÁIÁ: escape, running away

PALÁSH: a red non-fragrant flower or its tree

PALITÁ: wick (of lamp)

PALLAVA: petal, leaf

PAVAN: breeze, air, wind

PASHI: enter

PASHU: animal, beast, cattle, livestock

PASHYAT: seeing, perceiving, beholding, looking at, observing

PASARÁ: bulk item, load or heap of articles, wares, merchandise, spread, basket containing articles of traffic, a commodity

PASÁRA: bazaar, market place, shop, articles of traffic, wares, reputation, business practice

PASÁRÁ: stretching out, to extend

PASÁRII: shop keeper, seller, dealer, peddler, groceries dealer

PAHACÁNANA: to recognise


PÁK: cooking, sacred, going round, spin, tangle, plot, twist, difficulty

PÁKHANÁ / PÁKHÁ: wings, feather

PÁKHII: bird

PÁŔA: bank, shore, border, margin

PÁŔI: to pedal in an up-down manner

PÁT́HÁN: to send

PÁŃI: hand

PÁTÁN / PÁTÁ / PETE: spreading or stretching of hands, leaf

PÁTÁLA: the netherworld, the underworld, Hades, hell

PÁTH: way

PÁTHAR: stone

PÁTHÁR: sea, ocean

PÁTHEYA: needs or means for a journey, provisions for the path

PÁDA: leg

PÁNKAOŔI: a tri-habitat black bird like water-gull, swan or goose

PÁNE: towards

PÁNE CÁY: look towards

PÁNTHA: traveler, wayfarer

PÁNNÁ: emerald

PÁŃD́U / PÁŃD́UR: pale yellow, dull, dirty, muddy, jaundiced, chlorotic

PÁPAŔI: petal (of flower)

PÁPÁRI: enemy of sin

PÁPÁRINISÚDANA: destroyer of the enemy of sins

PÁPIYÁ: Indian nightingale, the hawk cuckoo

PÁYU: anus

PÁYE: foot

PÁR: other or opposite side, bank, shore, coast, margin, border, end, bounds, crossing over, passing beyond, ferry across, to rescue, to let pass, to conduct through, to get over

PÁRAGHÁT́Á: wharf, ferry

PÁRÁPÁRA: both banks of the river, crossing or conducting or ferrying a river, sea or ocean

PÁRÁVÁRA: ocean, sea

PÁŔI: pedalling

PÁRUL: a trumpet flower

PÁLAN: preserving, protecting, upbringing, rearing, keeping, nourishing, breeding, observance, fulfilment, to tend, to comply, fostering, defending

PÁLAK: preserver, fosterer

PÁLÁ: turn, order, period, spell, leaf, shoot, twig

PÁOÁ / PÁOÁR: to get, attain, achieve

PÁVAKA: fire, purifier

PÁVANA: sacred, holy, blessed, hallowed, revered, sanctified

PÁSHA: noose, bondage, trap, snare, string, rope, anchor-rope

PÁSHA BADDHA: bound by a noose, bondage, trap, snare, string, rope

PÁSHARITA / PÁSARÁ: avoid, forget, ignore

PÁSHÁ PÁ-SHI: side-by-side, adjacent, alongside, close

PÁSHE: beside, adjacent

PÁŚÁŃA: stone, rock

PIK: cuckoo’s call

PICCHIL: slippery, slobbery

PINÁKA: the bow of Shiva

PINÁKII: an epithet of Shiva


PIPÁSÁ: thirst

PIYÁL: a kind of nut tree, its nut or seed

PISHUNATÁ: sadistic tendency

PISHÁC: fiend, goblin, devil, spirit, malevolent, monster, elf, sprite, ogre, giant, ghost

PIIT́HA: seat, controlling point

PIIŔA: to injure

PIITA: yellow

PIINÁ: drinking

PUKÁR: call

PUCCHA: tail

PUINJA: flock, group, cluster, collection, assemblage, bunch, gathering, congregation, herd

PÚŔÁ / PÚŔÁN: burn

PUTRA : son

PUTRÁH: sons

PUNAH: again

PUŃYA: virtue, goodness, purity, holiness, sinless ness, blamelessness, chivalry, spirituality, merit, worth, philanthropy, nobleness

PURAG: favourably inclined

PURUŚA: Pure Consciousness, Witness-ship within every entity, Átmá, Cosmic Soul, Jinána, Consciousness

PURUŚOTTAMA: Nucleus of the Macrocosm or the universe, collective consciousness, Universal witnessing Entity

PURODHÁ: pioneer, vanguard


PUROBHÁG: foremost, first part or share, front, vanguard, fore-part, leading

PÚRVASHÁ: an oriental dance with quick fleeting movements

PULAK: delight, joy, thrill, feeling or sensation of joy

PUŚPA: flower


PUŚPITA: blossomed


PÚJÁ: worship

PÚJYA: worth worshipping

PUINJIIBHÚTA: collected, condensed

PÚRAKA: full inhalation of breath

PÚRAN: fulfilment, filling, completion, mass of water, stream

PÚRAVII: a particular tune or melody

PÚRŃA: complete, whole, perfect

PÚRŃATÁ: totality, perfection, accomplishment

PÚRNIMÁ, full moon

PÚRVA: previous, earlier, east

PÚRILO: completion


PÚRVA ACALE: eastern horizon



PERIYE: to cross over

PELAVA: very soft, delicate, gentle, graceful, slim, slender, frail, light

PELAVATÁ: pleasant softness

PELO: obtained


POŚÁ: pet

POHÁN: to dawn, to end, to bask, to undergo


PAORUŚA: virile, manliness, heroism, prowess, valor, courage

PYÁRE: beloved

PRAKARAŃA: process, procedure, context, discourse, chapter

PRAKÁSH: light

PRAKÁSHODGAM: origin of light

PRAKRTA: accomplished, completed, perfect, genuine, original, 

PRAKRTI: the inherent tendency of the transcendental Puruśa, doing something in a special way, cosmic operative principle

PRAKETA: expressed initially and presently, achievement

PRAKOŚT́HA: chamber

PRAGATI: progress

PRAGATISHIILA: progressive

PRAGAM: first advances or progress or manifestation


PRAGRAH: control

PRACAŃD́A: furious, fierce, terrible, formidable, violent, severe, intense

PRACÁRA: propagate, advertise

PRACETÁ: supreme consciousness

PRACCHANNA: covered, clothed, clad, wrapped, enveloped, private, secret, concealed, hidden

PRAJÁ: progeny, subject

PRAJÁPATI: the unliberated stage of Saguńa Brahma, butterfly

PRAJINÁ: intuition, profound or perfect wisdom, knowledge of absolute reality

PRAJINÁDHII: intuitive knowledge

PRAJINÁLIINA: absorbed in consciousness

PRAŃATI: salutation


PRAŃÁSHA: dissolution, annihilation

PRAŃIDHÁNA: follow, running after

PRATÁPA: might, power, prowess, domineering influence, heat, supremacy, command, control, strength

PRATÁRAŃÁ: cheating, deception, chicanery, deceit, swindle, fraud, hoodwinking

PRATI: each, every, contrary, towards, similar, exact, equal, opposite, reverse, counter

PRATIKRTI: image, photograph

PRATIGHÁTA: counter-blow

PRATICCHAVI: image, photograph

PRATIT́I: each, every, contrary, towards, similar, exact, equal, opposite

PRATIKŚEPA: rebounding, throwing back, recurrence

PRATIBHÁ: intellect, brilliance

PRATIBHU: representative

PRATIMÁ: image, icon, idol

PRATI-SAINCARA: returning introversive phase to Supreme from crude to subtle

PRATIHATA: checked, prevented, repelled, staved off, obstructed, hurt in return

PRATIŚT́HÁ: respect, praise, recognition, honour, setting up, dedication, consecration, installation, fame, reputation, social status

PRATIPATTI: gain, fulfilment

PRATIBHÁ: brilliance, intellect

PRATIBHU: symbol, icon

PRATIMÁ: idol, image

PRATIIK: symbol

PRATIITI: realisation, understanding, cognition, notion, impression, belief, conviction, feeling, appearance

PRATIIPA: opposite, negative, reversed simile, retrogression, anti

PRATIIKŚMÁN: awaiting, visible, expected

PRATIIKŚÁ: waiting, expectation


PRATYAK: having a stance opposite to and witnessing that (see Pratyagátmá)

PRATYAGÁTMÁ: Paramátmá, Supreme Soul

PRATYANTA: adjoining, border

PRATYÁBHIJINÁ: perfect profound knowledge

PRATYAYA: conviction, certainty, cognition, idea, conception, trust, opinion, cause, fame, belief, confident, firm belief

PRATYAYA MÚLAK: independent actions

PRATYÁSHÁ: hope, expectations in exchange, counter hope, longing, counter expectation

PRATYÁSHII: expectant

PRATHÁ: system, convention, style, way, procedure


PRADAKŚNA: style of worshipping by going or rotating round and round, encircling

PRADIIP, lamp, candle

PRADIIPTA: bright, glowing, shining, luminous

PRADOŚA: evening, nightfall, twilight, night

PRADYOTA: radiating, luminous, splendor, glow, shine, ray, blazing, shining, brilliance

PRADHÁNA: chief, leading, head, dominant

PRADHÁVITA: rushing, flowing

PRAPAINCA: five fundamental factors, phenomenal reality, the world, illusory


PRAPATTI: total surrender

PRAPÁT: fountain

PRABAL: strong, dominant

PRABODHA: good idea or knowledge

PRABHAINJAN: storm, violent wind

PRABHÁT / PRABHÁTE: morning, dawn

PRABHÁVA: effect, influence, impact


PRAMATTA: frenzied

PRAMÁ: balanced and accurate conception or perception, correct notion, true knowledge

PRAMÁŃA: proof

PRAMÁDA: inadvertence, carelessness, error, confusion, oblivion, calamity, frenzy, madness

PRAMILA: drowsiness, spirited, amazon

PRAYÁT: advanced, gone forth, departed, deceased

PRAYÁS: effort, endeavour, attempt, exertion

PRAYUTI: application, employment, technique, actuated

PRAYOGA: practical application, use, experiment

PRAYOJAN: purpose, object, aim

PRALAYA: total dissolution of the universe, complete annihilation, extinction, disappearance, vanishing, obliteration, eradication, abolition, elimination, doom, disaster, catastrophe

PRALAYAUNKARA: annihilator of the universe

PRALÁP: raving, delirium, incoherence in speech

PRALEP: ointment, coating, smearing, pasting, balm

PRALEHA: broth

PRAVRTTI: stronger tendency, propensity or desire, desire, movement towards crudeness, way of expression of mind, faculty, propensity of mind, occupation, inclination, tendency, earnest desires of mind, mental movement towards crudeness

PRAVAINCA: cheating, deceptions, deceit, swindle, fraud, beguilement, hoodwink

PRAVAŃATÁ: inclination, propensity, declivity, tendency, attachment, eagerness, readiness, proficiency



PRASHAMAN: calming, tranquillising, pacifying, soothing, curing, healing, quelling, abatement, securing, purifying

PRASHRAYA: indulgence

PRASHLEŚA: close contact, pressing hard against

PRASÁD / PERSÁD: grace, propitiousness, food-offering to a deity

PRASÁRA: expansion, elaboration

PRASÁDHAN: accomplishment, arranging, setting right, dressing, embellishment, decoration, articles of process, toilet

PRASUPTA: sleeping


PRASÚN: flower, fruit, bud, blossom, born, produced

PRASTUTA: prepared, ready, offered

PRASTAR: a couch of leaves and flowers, a flat surface at the top or bed, a thicket, wood, stone, rock, pebble, fossil, jewel

PRASRAVAŃA: trickling forth, push, flow, ooze

PRAHARA: a time period of three hours

PRAHARAŃA: beating, striking, a weapon or tool held in hand, stroke

PRAHELIKÁ: riddle, enigma, puzzle, mystery

PRAKŚEPA: flinging, casting, throw, interpolation

PRÁKRTA: natural, a language with natural variations in India before Saḿskrta grammar

PRÁCIIRA: wall, rampart, parapet

PRÁJINA: intuition

PRÁŃA / PRÁŃAH, PARÁŃA: a vayu having jurisdiction between naval point and vocal cord, vital energy, life, vitality, vigour, mind, heart, existence, animation, source, vivacity, essence, origin, manner, conduct, principle, nature, breath, being, entity, endurance, heart, mind, feeling, élan vital

PRÁŃA MÁTÁNO: intoxicating, captivating, charming, attractive, infatuating, cajole

PRÁŃAYÁMA: art of breathing

PRÁŃAVIK: related to vitality

PRÁŃIDHÁNA: meditating on Supreme

PRÁŃIŃATÁ: liveliness

PRÁŃENDRIYA: collective name of ten váyus

PRÁŃOCCHVÁSA: deep exhalation

PRÁŃOTPAL: lotus of the heart

PRÁNTA: extremity, end, tip, border, margin, brim, rim, outskirt, arena

PRÁNTAR: prairie, wilderness, waste, vast expanse of arid land, large tract of grass-land

PRÁNSHU: intense ray of light

PRÁPTI: attainment, achievement

PRÁBALYA: strength, dominance

PRÁRTHANÁ: prayer, praise, eulogy, panegyric

PRÁYASHCITTA: expiation, atonement, penance, sacrament, reparation

PRÁVRIT́: rainy

PRÁVRI: heavy rains

PRIYA: dear, beloved

PRIITI / PREMA: love, affection

PRETA: ghost, bodiless mind

PREMA: love, affection

PREYA: desired, liking, cherished, agreeable, pleasant, pleasurable, enjoyable, delightful, satiating, affable

PRERAŃÁ: inspiration

PREŚAŃÁ: send, dispatch, transmit, remit, restless, order, charge, goad, impetus, drive

PREŚITA: sent, goaded

PREKŚAŃÁ: act of seeing, looking, watching, hearing, viewing, observation

PRAETII: contentment, satisfaction, intense, pertaining to love

PROTAH: collective association

PLUSHI: white ant