KHA: acoustic root of the propensity of anxiety


KHAINJAR: a short dagger

KHAINJARII: a wag-tail bird

KHADYOT: glowworm, firefly

KHANI: quarry, mine

KHANIK / KŚAŃIK: for a little while, momentary

KHAR: sharp, keen, severe, fierce, strong, violent, fast, harsh, hard

KHARÁ: sunshine, sun, summer, drought, strongly fried, over fried

KHARKHAR / KHARTAR: expressing, grating noise or sensation, quickness, rough

KHARJUR: date-palm or its fruit, date

KHARPAR: a piece of broken earthenware, potsherd, skull, alms dish, beggar's bowl, thief, knave, rogue, sharper, cheat, scimitar, a single edged curved sword

KHARVA: reduce, shorten, cut, diminish, humble, lower, foil, thwart

KHAL: naughty, hypocrite, cheat

KHASÁ: come off, detach, fall off, drop, slip, shed, loosen, disheveled, flee, escape


KHÁINCÁ: cage, frame

KHÁNÁ: eating, food

KHÁNI: indicating a number, fragment or piece, used as article “the”

KHÁNIK: for a little while

KHÁNE: place

KHÁMOSHII: silence

KHÁR: ash

KHILA: nail

KHILA to bloom, to open up


KHÚNTA: defect, scar, ugly mark, flaw, fault, omission, blemish, lapse, imperfection

KHEYÁ: ferry, ferryboat

KHELÁ: play, game, drama, acting

KHELÁGHAR: playhouse, game pavilion, drama hall, stage

KHELÁ DHULÁ: sports and games, pastime, play, game, drama, acting, entertainment

KHEYÁL: fancy, whim

KHONCÁ: thorn, prickling

KHOHA: cave, pit, cavern, abyss, crypt