AGATIR GATI: resort of helpless, way out

AGASTA GIRI: the boundary of no return, named after saint August who crossed a mountain and did not return back

APÁPA VIDDHA: pure, untouched by sin

AVÁUNGA MANO GOCAR: beyond the reach of words mind and sense perception

ASIR JHANATKÁR: clattering of sword

ASTI, BHÁTI, ÁNANDA: existence, glow and bliss

ÁNÁCE KÁNÁCE: in vicinity

ÁNKHI TULE DHARO: please look at me, please lift Your eyes

ÁPÁT KAT́HOR: initially appearing as hard

ÁBOL TÁBOL: incoherent talk, nonsense, delirium, nonsense rhymes, meaningless words

IŚT́A DEVATÁ: personal God or deity

OHA AVOH / UHA AVOHA: feeling, reasoning, hypothesis, guess, imagination, inference

KAŔÁ KRÁNTI: minute account

KAŚT́I SHILÁ: testing stone

KÁNÁY KÁNÁY: to the brim

KÁN PÁTÁ: to give ear to, to pay heed to

KUŔIYE PÁOÁ: collected, swept, gathered

KURIISH KÁLIMÁ: the darkness like hard dried dung

KON KHÁNE: where

KOL ÁNDHÁRE: embracing darkness

GAŃA-CETANÁ: community- consciousness

GOLAK DHÁNDHÁ: a labyrinth, maze, an intricate problem

GHÁT PRATIGHÁT: blow and counter blow

CÁRI DIKE: all (four) sides, everywhere, all over

CETANÁBJA: the lotus of consciousness

CHANDA PATAN: break or defect in poetical meter

CHINI MINI: squandering, to fritter away

CHINI MINI KHELÁ: play of ducks and drakes, reckless use or expenditure, to fritter away

CHUT́Á CHUT́I: act or spell of running about, bustle, activity

JALA BHARÁ: full of water

TANNA TANNA: crossing thorough, searching or combing all over

TALIYE DEKHÁ: to see or judge thoroughly, 

TOKE PARÁBO BALE: I shall garland you

THARE THARE: layer-by-layer


DRUTA GÁMINII: fast moving

DHVANI VINYÁS: intonation

NITYÁNINTYA VIVEKA: discrimination of eternal and ephemeral

PADA VIKŚEPA: pace, step, stride

PÚRVA ACALE: eastern horizon

PRÁŃA MÁTÁNO: intoxicating, captivating, charming, attractive, infatuating, cajole

PRÁŃER PURUŚA: a person after one’s own heart, a favourite, a minion, a lover

PHAŃII MAŃIHÁRÁ: a gem-lost serpent (symbolic)

PHALGU DHÁRÁ: under current or flow

BÁRE BÁRE: again and again, time and again

BÁNDHA BHÁUNGÁ: unbroken, unobstructed, overflowing

BHÁGYA VIDHÁTÁ: controller of destiny

BHÁLO LÁGÁ: to be to one’s liking, to appear good to one, to taste or sound or seem well

BHÚL BOJHÁ: misunderstanding

MAN PAVAN: (dialect) secret inclinations and intentions, one’s mind, an imaginary oar for driving a boat as per desire

MAN BHOLÁNO: captivating, charming, attractive, infatuating, cajole, intoxicating

MAN MÁTÁTO: to delight or please greatly

MANE PRÁŃE: whole-heartedly

MANER MÁNUŚ: a person after one’s own heart, a favourite, a minion, a lover, beloved

MICHA-MICHI: false, imaginary, untruth, pretension, hypocrisy, fanciful

MELÁ MESHÁ / MILÁ MISHÁ: social familiarity, intimate association or intercourse

VISHVA BHÁŚÁ: lingua franca, universal language

VISHVA SRAŚT́Á: creator of the universe

SHÁNTA DHII: tranquil mind

SAPTÁSHVA RATH: seven-horsed chariot

SAMA SAMÁJ TATTVA: principle of social equality

SAUNKLAPA VIKALPA: hesitation, desire and doubt certainty and uncertainty

SUDHÁSYANDA: nectar-oozing

SOJÁ SUJI: straight and uncrooked

STHITODADHI: located in ocean

SVA-MAHIMÁYA: by virtue of greatness or glory of the self

SVA-SRIŚT́A: self-created

SVARŃA BELÁ: golden seashore

HEMAHÁR: golden necklace

HERE JÁOÁ: lost, defeated

HELÁ PHELÁ: neglect, despise

HISÁB NIKÁS: completion or finalisation of accounts