GHA: acoustic root of propensity of attachment and love

GHAT́Á: occurrence, pomp, grandeur, éclat, collection, multitude, to happen, to occur, to arise, endeavour, effort, exertion, number, troop, assemblage

GHAT́ÁKÁSHA: cloudy sky

GHANA: dense, intense, thick, condensed, cloud

GHANAGHOR: much intense, dense, overcast with thick clouds, darkened with clouds

GHAR: home, house

GHARÁNÁ: school or style of rága and ráginii in rhythmic music

GHARGHAR: moving or rotating with rattling sound

GHARMA: sweat, perspiration

GHARMA LIPTA: smeared with sweat

GHARE: into home or house

GHÁTA: blow, hurt

GHÁT PRATIGHÁT: blow and counter blow

GHRŃÁ: hatred, revulsion

GHRTA: clarified butter, ghee, used as fuel wick for burning the lamp

GHEE: clarified butter, ghee, used as fuel wick for burning the lamp

GHENSÁN: touching, rubbing, roughness

GHERA: surrounding, encircling, enveloping, covering

GHERIYÁ: surrounding, encircling, enveloping, covering

GHÚCE: / GHUCA / GHUCÁLO: destroy, cease to exist, annihilate

GHUM: sleep, slumber

GHUMANTA: sleeping

GHURÁ: surrounding, encircling, enveloping, covering

GHÚRŃI VÁY: cyclonic wind

GHÚRŃI JHAŔA: cyclonic storm

GHOCÁN: destroy, cease to exist

GHOMTÁ: veil

GHOR: frightful, dreadful, awful, severe, excessive, extreme, intensive, dense, var. of ghurán

GHORÁN: waft, surrounding, encircling

GHOŚA: announcement