E: acoustic root of rhythmic expression or sprouting of mundane knowledge or welfare

EI: this

EK: one

EKAK: alone, unaccompanied, single, unit

EKAT́ÁNÁ: consume, stretch, passed quickly, continuous, in one direction, without break, pointed or moving in one direction only, continually onward, incessant, without pause or break, monotonously

EKAT́I: only one

EKATÁN: in unison, harmony, agreement, accord, unity, union, unanimity, concert, common chord, combined

EKATÁRÁ: monochord, a single stringed lyre or fiddle

EKADÁ: once

EKHAN: now

EKHÁNE: here

EŔÁN: to avoid, to shun, to get rid off, to pass over, to omit, to disobey

ETO: this much

ENO: bring

EMAN / EMANAT́I: like this

EVA: exactly, just so, only, already, as soon as, like that, emphasising, thus, so, in this way

ELE: came

ELO: disheveled, ruffed, hanging loosely, unkempt, incoherent, irrelevant, uncareful, haphazard, disordered

ELOKESH / ELOCÚL: disheveled, ruffed, hanging loosely, unkempt hair

EŚA: wishing

EŚAŃÁ: wish, earnest desire, will, effort to get

ESO: come