DHA: acoustic root of the propensity for thirst or yearning for acquisition

DHR: saḿskrta root verb meaning to uphold or support

DHAN: wealth

DHANAINJAYA: one of external váyus causing sleep and drowsiness

DHANYA: blessed, gratified, fortunate, admirable, praiseworthy

DHARAŃII: the earth

DHARATII: the earth

DHARAŃ: style, way, method, condition, state, working, behaviour, appearance, look, cut, design

DHARÁ: to hold, to take into fold, to catch

DHARMA: psycho-spiritual longing, spirituality, natural or fundamental characteristics or quest for ever-lasting happiness or Brahma, property, nature

DHÁTÁ: protector, creator, father, God, Brahma

DHÁM: abode, receptacle, dwelling place

DHÁYA: run

DHÁRA: hold, stream, flow, current, edge, boarder, brim, brink, vicinity, sharpness

DHÁRÁ: stream, flow, current

DHÁRAŃÁ: fixing mind at a point or area in a body

DHÁVITA: running

DHII: mind, intellect, intuition

DHIIR: composed, grave, calm, gentle, modest, mild, grave, steady, slow, tardy, unperturbed, firm

DHURJAT́I: lord Shiva

DHÚANKÁ: to pant or grasp for breath, to throb, to palpitate, to suffocate, heavy breathe, pulsate

DHÚNÁ: incense, resin

DHÚPA: sunlight, the sun, incense

DHÚL: dust, mud, earth

DHÚLÁY: into dust

DHÚLI: dust

DHEYA: run

DHAERYA: patience, perseverance

DHAEVATA: sound of donkey

DHONKA / DHÚNKA: suffocation, throbbing, palpitation, panting for breath, gasp for breath

DHAOTA: washed, cleansed, with water

DHYÁN: meditation, cogitate, think, contemplation, concentration, focus

DHYANÁSANA: posture of meditation

DHYÁNE: in meditation

DHYEYA: object of meditation

DHRITI: holding, catching, wearing, assuming, bearing, containing, conception, impression, idea, patience, self-possession, complacence, satisfaction, content, perseverance, persistence, retention

DHRITIMÁNA: patient, self-possessed, complacent, content, persevering

DHVAJA: flag, banner, ensign, standard

DHVANI: sound, noise, voice, note, tone, suggestion, ring

DHVANI MATRÁ: syllable

DHVANI VINYÁS: intonation

DHVANSA: destroyed

DHVASTA: destroyed, annihilated, perished, ruined, impaired, devastated, demolished, fallen, vanquished