Ac. Dhruvananda Avt. on Prabhat Saungiit

Excerpts from "The Beauty of Prabhat Saungiit" by Ac. Dhruvananda Avt.

We can realise the beauty or charm of life through its external expressions. By the expressions of language (words, thoughts, conversation) and by movements or actions we can understand the depths of the heart and the beauty of the ideation. According to the various expressions we can differentiate between crudity and subtlety.

Songs are the vital expression of the beauty and sweetness of the heart. Through music, waves emanate and spread to the outer world, touching every heart and mind, giving joy and leading all towards a subtler direction.

We know that songs vary in quality. Only an internally highly-developed person can express songs of a very high standard. Seven thousand years ago Lord Sadashiva came to this earth. He gave music and songs an elevated status. Previously there had been some kind of music which could be termed "simple" folk songs and dances, but it was not so developed. Lord Sadashiva introduced the system of classical songs and dances, and gave all the styles and rhythms, the Ragas and Raginiis, etc., which have developed music up to a subtle level. It was He who first introduced the music scale, which is based on the sounds of animals.

sa' / re / ga' / ma' / pa' / dha' / ni

c d e f g a b

saraja rsava gandhar madhyam panchan dhaebat nisat 

peacock ox goat horse cuckoo donkey elephant

Thoughts are continuously coming from the mind. When they are expressed in songs with different rhythms, scales and tunes, it gives life to them; and when the songs are accompanied by instruments and dances, they become even more enjoyable. Prabhat Saungiit is the musical expression that gives real life lo human beings.

The meaning of Prabhat Saungiit is that a new dawn has come in the musical world. The Creator of this music is Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar, who is already known to us as a great philosopher. However, it is only now that we also recognize Him as the Master of music. His songs are like a fountain of life continuously flowing and satisfying the need of the thirsty. It floods the dried up rivers of the musical world. Prabhat Saungiit is waking up the sleeping people through its sweet melodies and language.

These songs are so charming and heart-touching in their melodies. From the rhythm and the language of the songs such wonderful impressions are absorbed by the mind that it becomes completely absorbed in divine bliss.

...Music and songs are part of the aesthetic science. Aesthetic science means Nandan Vijinana in Sanskrit. The word "nandan" comes from "nanda" which means one who gives pleasure and gets pleasure. Material science sometimes gives pleasure but not like the aesthetic science. In aesthetic science there is the depth of subtlety which can be felt by the yogic heart but not by the sensory organs. The songs which are the expressions of crudeness are not in the realm of aesthetic science.

When we listen to Prabhat Saungiit we realize that it is the greatest expression of subtlety, the expression of the innermost feelings. The songs are written in a beautiful language, expressed through the sweetest rhythms and melodies. Prabhat Saungiit is the fullest expression of human life. These songs are the philosophical explanation of the human existence.

The flow of Prabhat Saungiit is multifarious, giving a picture of all the manifold expressions of human life, drawn in a clear language with much love. Everything has its place in these songs -love, happiness, misery, laughter, tears, love for humanity, social consciousness, love for nature...

The creator of Prabhat Saungiit has paid attention to all the kinds of songs prevailing in Bengali literature, e.g. devotional songs, kiirtan, seasonal songs, folk songs, mystic songs, festival songs, songs of Neo-Humanism, children's songs, Gajal, Kawalii, Jhumur Gan, etc. The writer has made a happy blending of western and eastern tunes and songs. Prabhat Saungiit has broken the barriers of narrowness and has brought humanity into the world of universalism.

Prabhat Saungiit, the expression of human culture, channelizes human tendencies from darkness towards the light. Prabhat Saungiit has come like a boat to carry the human beings to the deepest realization of their divine nature, and has established the fine arts in a higher position of regard. The idea of "art for art's sake" does not fit the songs of Prabhat Saungiit; it only denies the true human values. Prabhat Saungiit has a different type of flow, guiding people to the depths of beauty, awakening their sleeping potentiality. It passes through the subtler layers of the mind and reaches the core of the heart, channelizing the human qualities from crudity to subtlety, developing their hidden aspirations.

Prabhat Saungiit takes the mind from limitedness to limitlessness.

... Those who are singing these songs or those who are listening to these songs are carried into paradise. They are completely amazed and charmed by the beauty and fragrance of this paradise and this beauty is indescribable. The mind cannot absorb it anymore, it can be realized only by the heart. When they have experienced the immeasurable beauty of these songs they want to see the creator of this paradise.

The persons who know the meaning of Prabhat Saungiit will surely understand its beauty and will enjoy it even more. They will feel pain to be deprived of the songs, because when they do not have them they feel they are losing the presence of Parama Purusa.

... Prabhat Saungiit today has brought a new flow of life. In the realm of language, feelings and idealistic thoughts it has brought a new moment. Through sweetness of rhythm, suavity of language and depths of feeling the author is consciously attracting the human beings towards transcendentalism and subtlety. In these songs nothing and nobody is neglected or unknown. Not only the largest, even the minutest entities are getting an honourable place in these songs. So, nobody is lifeless and nobody is ignored. The songs are attracting everybody and from the description of the songs we get the feeling that each and every individual is closely related to others. Each human being gets equal value.

... The time is coming when the air will be vibrated by the devotees' song honouring the Creator, who is still hidden from all. We hold the costly gem close to us. 

Humbly we express: 

O Infinite Source of the light of the Universe; 

O Mystery of the mysteries; 

O Embodiment of permanent beauty; 

O ever oldest and ever newest Friend; 

O Crown of all sweetness; 

O Creator of all inspiration; 

O Source of sound, touch, form, 

taste and smell. 

Your advent has established 

a new life in the human heart. 

Do not deprive us 

of Your unparalleled sweetness. 

By Your grace, 

You masterfully tune the strings of our heart. 

Please remember that You are ours 

and we are Yours.