Avtk. Ánanda Shubha Ac. recalls an experience

BABA - is the greatest teacher. How one can learn something perfect - and it has to be perfect - that's what we could learn from BABA.

Just one example: BABA gave so many songs. There are some songs that have to be, every one, every single one, has to be perfect, but there are some language like Sanskrit language. It has to be pronounciated perfectly. There is no question to do other way. 

So one day we were in BABA's quarter in Calcutta. We were always singing when BABA used to go out and when He used to come back from His fieldwalk. We were always singing. So that time I was there, and I was singing at the other side of the road and looking at BABA through the window. So then BABA... BABA stopped in front of the window and said:

"Vijayananda, who is singing there?" 

And Vijayananda came to the other side and said:

"BABA, Didi Ananda Shubha."

"Oh, she sings very well," and then, "her Sanskrit is much better than mine."

Of course BABA always, you know, encourages every one to build their character in a nice way. And then BABA wanted me to come. Then I came closer to BABA. And then BABA said:

"You repeat the first line once again."

That song was Vajra kat'hora kus'uma koraka pina'ka pa'n'aye namo namaste. 

Then BABA started to explain each word and syllable separately like VA, JRA, JRA - has'anta, RA and KAT'HORA, like VA - JRA KATHORA - and then we sang. And then BABA said: 

"It is perfect now and it has to be sung correctly." 

How BABA used to teach us. It is one example only like that. So many hundreds of examples we had, experiences we had when we came before BABA, every single time. So there is no language that we can express BABÁ's greatness.