Prabháta Saḿgiita 419, Kende Kende Kata D'a'ki - Avt. Ananda Karuna Ac.

I was very close to Baba for many years, and used to prepare His breakfast. One day, for some reason, Baba became upset with me, and scolded me mercilessly, telling me to leave His room. 

I did so, went into another room and began to cry. "O Baba! Oh!" I stayed like this for some time, until Baba sent GS in to tell me not to cry. One worker after another came and told me that Baba did not wish for me to cry, but I continued in this mood.

I was in the habit of presenting to Baba a garland every day. For eight years I gave Him a garland every day. So I was crying and making a garland. I knew Baba expected it, that it was my duty, so I did it, but I was crying, and my tears were wetting the flowers. 

Then we heard "Song, song". Baba was ready to give a new Prabhat Samgiit. 

Afterwards, Baba told the workers to go and surround me and sing this new song. "KENDE KENDE KATA D́ÁKI TUMI KII SHUNITE PÁO NÁ...." 

Then Baba came out and said, "O Karuna, are you making a garland?" "Don't cry, my mother," He said.

What I was feeling, Baba had used as the lyrics for the song: "I am making a garland, and my tears are wetting the flowers, I'm calling to You even as I cry. You don't want to listen to me. I know You love to make people cry. I am making a garland with my tears. Then I will see if you accept it. But it is my duty to make the garland."

Baba had rendered my exact feelings as the basis for this song.